Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update Palki’s engagement

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update Palki's engagement

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update Palki’s engagement. Palki and Rajveer have a talk in the kitchen. She is upset that her marriage is getting fixed with Ketan. She tells Rajveer that even she wanted to tell him. Rajveer asks did she want to tell him the thing that he is expecting. She tells that she thought it will be too early and didn’t tell anything. He tells that it’s not too late even now. He asks her if she likes him. Ketan intervenes and asks what’s going on. He tells that he likes Palki a lot. Preeta and Rajveer get upset that they lost Palki.

They learn that Palki’s engagement is going to happen in two days. Daljeet wants Mahi’s future to get better, and thanks once Palki married Ketan, he will be helping Mahi in her career. Palki and Rajveer see each other and hide their sorrow from others. Preeta senses their love when she finds them lost in each other’s eyes. She asks Rajveer to confess his feelings to Palki and stop her engagement if he wants her in his life. What will Rajveer do? Keep reading for a full update.


Radha Mohan:

Mohan and Radha have sweet romantic moments, that anger Damini. Mohan is seen confronting Damini’s lie. Mohan asks Damini how she knows about Tulsi’s message when he had told only Radha about it. Radha tells that she was already suspicious, Damini is involved in Tulsi’s murder and now they got proof as well. Damini cries and admits that she had killed Tulsi. Radha and Mohan cry. A big revelation will be coming. The past secrets come out and Tulsi’s murderer gets caught. Tulsi will get justice after a long wait. What will Mohan do now? Stay tuned for more news and spoilers.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update Palki’s engagement:

Shaurya gets the good news that he is going to win the STV style award. He rushes to share his joy with the family. He wants them to know the news themselves. He thinks to celebrate it. He remembers Preeta’s words. He thinks if Preeta didn’t rescue him from jail, then he would have not got the award and happiness. He finds her genuinely nice. He recalls Nidhi’s words and gets confused about Preeta. Rajveer and Palki see each other. Mahi thinks Rajveer is handsome and charming, but he doesn’t have money. Preeta asks Khurana why is he appearing worried. She offers help. He tells that he isn’t worried. Daljeet tells that he doesn’t know to express his feelings. She entertains them with her stories.

Khurana tells that he was so happy at the time of Palki’s birth and cried with joy. Preeta remembers Karan’s words on hearing this. She tells that someone told her the same thing but she doesn’t remember it. Rajveer worries for her. Preeta asks him not to worry about her. She tells that Ketan has a good fate because he got Palki in his life. She asks Rajveer to help Palki with work. Rajveer helps Palki. She wishes Palki became her Bahu by marrying Rajveer. Rajveer and Palki finally break their silence and speak out their feelings for each other.

He apologizes to her for not telling her. She tells that she also wanted to tell him, but thought it will be too early, as they don’t even know each other well. He tells that it feels like they know each other for years. She cries. They land into a moment. He asks her if is she sad. She asks him the same thing. He tells that he is sad because she is leaving. He adds that she is his first friend in Mumbai and very special to him. He congratulates her and asks her what she wants to tell him. She tells about Ketan, who her family chose a year ago. He asks her if she likes Ketan. Ketan comes to ask what’s happening. He tells that the tea was really good. He asks for another cup of tea. Rajveer excuses himself.

He thinks it’s good Palki is moving on, because he has to focus on his goals. Mahi tells them about the STV-style awards. She shows Shaurya’s picture to them and tells them that Shaurya is her favorite and that he is winning the style awards. She praises Shaurya. Preeta gets glad to know about Shaurya’s achievement. Mahi tells about Shaurya’s album. Palki tells that his song didn’t get a hit. Mahi asks her to go online and see his fame. Ketan says that he has heard Shaurya’s song. Preeta tells that they didn’t know about it. Mahi tells that Shaurya is doing good in his life. She is Shaurya’s fan. Rajveer tells that he doesn’t respect Shaurya. Mahi tells that Shaurya’s dad has a recording company.

She tells them his dad’s name, Karan Luthra. Preeta drops the tea on her foot on hearing Karan’s name. Karan too drops the tea over himself at the same time. Nidhi cares for him. Palki and Rajveer care for Preeta. Karan says something strange happened to him and he can’t explain it to them. Kareena taunts Nidhi. She tells Mahesh that Nidhi behaves well with everyone when Karan is around, else she behaves very rudely. Mahesh complains about Rakhi. Bani asks him not to say anything about her Bahu. Mahesh asks her what she wants. Kareena and Bani tell that he always fights with Rakhi. He wants them to support him. Palki takes care of Preeta and scolds her with love. Khurana feels proud of Palki. Preeta thanks Palki for the help. Rajveer likes Palki even more when he sees her care for Preeta.

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