Kumkum Bhagya New life 24th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya New life 24th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya New life 24th April 2023 Written Update Rhea expresses her feelings that she would have died if anything happened to Ranbir. She thanks Matarani for giving Ranbir and his family to her, who means everything to her. She tells that they are her family. She prays that they always stay protected. She wishes Khushi gets okay. She regrets that Khushi is tolerating so much at a young age. She acts selfless to keep a tough fast for Khushi’s recovery. She pleads that Khushi gets okay soon. She wants Ranbir to get at peace. On the other side, Prachi tells that she didn’t see Akshay so emotional before. He tells that he couldn’t stop himself because of his fear of losing her. He adds that he didn’t wish to show his feelings to her.

He explains that his mind and heart stopped working, and it was just darkness in front of his eyes. He was scared of losing Prachi forever and not being able to see her again. He tells that he is now happy to see her okay. Prachi pacifies him. Akshay hugs her, unaware that Ranbir is behind. Prachi asks Ranbir is he okay. He holds her hand and asks her why is she asking. He asks if she wants to go away. She tells that he had already left her hand. She rushes away leaving his hand. Ranbir weeps watching her go to Akshay. She meets Ashok, who tells how much worried Akshay got for her. Ashok is happy to see Prachi fine.


He hugs Prachi and Akshay. Ranbir watches them from afar and thinks Akshay loves Prachi a lot. He believes Akshay will keep Prachi happy, and turns away to leave from there. Ranbir doesn’t want to hinder Prachi from making a new start with Akshay and wishes her the best. He just wants Khushi to recover and come home with him. He decides to adopt Khushi and find happiness in her. Ranbir and Prachi will be learning Khushi’s birth truth that she is their lost daughter Panchi. Keep reading for a full update.

Kumkum Bhagya New life 24th April 2023 Written Update:

Ranbir watches Akshay and Prachi share a hug. She tells Akshay about Khushi getting shot while saving them. Akshay is shocked to know about Khushi. Dadi and Sahana reach there and meet Prachi. They are relieved to find Prachi okay. They ask about Khushi. Prachi tells that Khushi is in ICU. Sahana tells Akshay that Ashok got a sprain and he will come after some time. They rush to see Khushi. Ranbir recalls the way Akshay cried for Prachi. He realizes that he loves Prachi a lot. Dida tells Pallavi that Ranbir loves Khushi. Pallavi tells that they have to keep courage.

Rhea tells that everything will get fine. She feels Khushi is a pure soul and she is their happiness. Pallavi meets Dadi and hugs her. Rhea hugs Sahana and thanks her for being Prachi’s sister in a real sense. The family prays for Khushi. The nurse tells Prachi that she felt Ranbir is Prachi’s husband. Ranbir and Prachi recall their marriage and their ugly separation. The nurse apologizes if she has told something wrong. She tells that she thought Prachi and Ranbir are Khushi’s parents. Akshay calls Ashok and gives the good news that Prachi is okay. He tells that he was mistaken, Prachi didn’t get shot, and she is okay. He tells that he loves Ashok a lot. Ashok tells that he also loves Akshay a lot.

He rushes to the hospital. Ranbir and Prachi get to recall their moments and also think of Rhea and Akshay. He gets hurt. She worries for him. She asks the nurse to call a doctor for treating Ranbir’s wound. The nurse tells that the doctors are busy treating the bus accident patients. Prachi takes the first aid kit and takes Ranbir with her. He reminds her that she isn’t a doctor. She scolds him for his carelessness. She tells that he ignored the pain for so long. She does aid his wound. She feels his pain. She does the bandage. He tells that he just recollected their old moment. She remembers the moment and smiles. He asks her not to go. She tells that he had made her leave.

He asks why didn’t she come back. She asks why didn’t he try to find her. He tells that he had tried a lot to find her, but when the police brought the dead body in front of him, he got broken and believed he lost her. He asks her why didn’t she call him once and informs him that she is alive. Ashok and Akshay come there. Prachi leaves Ranbir’s hand and rushes to Ashok. Ashok enquires about Khushi. She cares for Ashok. Ranbir feels they are happy together. He cries and leaves from there. Sahana tells Kohlis that Laali isn’t Khushi’s real mother. Dida tells that she is aware of this. They ask the doctor about Khushi. They learn that Khushi’s condition is critical. They wish Khushi recovers as soon as possible.


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