Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023 Written Update Neelam appalled

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023 Written Update Neelam appalled

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023 Written Update Neelam is appalled. The chief asks Lakshmi to do just as told her. He instructs her to head to meet Dayasagar. Rishi learns about the huge threat to Lakshmi’s life. He asks Malishka to have her food and leave for home because he has to rush to meet Lakshmi. Malishka turns angry, aware of the mess he is going to deal with. The goons tell Shalu that their boss has made such a plan, only the people will die and their gang will be safe. Shalu scolds him. Rishi reaches the ministry office and tells that he has to meet Minister Dayasagar. The man asks his name. Rishi introduces himself and tells that his meeting is already scheduled with Dayasagar.

The man gets scared that Rishi has sensed Lakshmi’s trouble. Malishka goes home and tells that Rishi has left her at the Dhaba and asked her to go home, and he has gone to meet Lakshmi. Neelam gets terrified that Rishi has gone to Lakshmi. She tells that she didn’t want this to happen. She worriedly says that Rishi wants to die and that he went to Lakshmi. Malishka gets suspicious of her words and wants to know what is Neelam hiding about Lakshmi. Keep reading for a quick written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023.


Main Hoon Aparajita:

Disha tells Arjun that he didn’t waste time in making Nia wear the ring. Arjun calls her love a lie. She tells that he hates her and he will also try his hatred. He asks her to stop the drama when she goes. He blames her mistakes. He tells that she has told Nia in front of him that she is using him for his money. He asks how can he not get angry hearing her truth. She asks him not to judge her. She jumps down the railing. Arjun runs to save her life. He holds her hand and doesn’t let her fall.

Disha tells that she wanted to see if love wins over hatred. She is glad that he loves her. Aparajita watches them from afar. She tells that she can’t go against Nia. She adds that their love story ends here. He weeps in sorrow. Nia congratulates herself for winning Arjun. Aparajita gives her blessings to Nia. Nia tells that Arjun and she love each other a lot. She lies to Aparajita. Aparajita asks her to take the right decision. She doesn’t want Nia to walk on Mohini’s path. She tells that Nia can’t snatch Arjun from Disha and win his love.

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023 Written Update Neelam appalled:

The girl’s father thanks Rishi for saving Lakshmi. His words echo in Rishi’s ears. Rishi wonders if the incident happened to give him a hint. He thinks Lakshmi is in some trouble. He wants to go to Lakshmi and find out if she is okay. Malishka asks him what happened. He asks her to have food and go home. She tells that nothing can stop him from going to Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks the chief to not harm many innocent lives. The chief tells that he has to spread terror and keep his name. He threatens her. He tells that she will be responsible for the lost lives. Minister Dayasagar tells that he will not spare anyone who is doing the wrong work. He adds that he will bring out the culprit and expose his black deeds.

He tells about the businessman who is cheating the country by money laundering and smuggling. He wants power in his hands. He tells that he has enough proof against that businessman. He waits for the oath ceremony. Dayasagar learns about the visitors. He tells that he will go for the oath ceremony first. Shalu asks the goons to have some shame. They tell that they will not die because their boss’ plan is foolproof. Lakshmi recalls a moment with Rishi, that motivates her in the tough times.

She thinks to keep her mind calm and find a solution. She decides to use her inner strength and fight the chief. She meets Dayasagar. The chief tells that he also has some work with Dayasagar, he wants to open a school for the poor people, but some ministers are stopping him. Dayasagar tells that he will investigate the matter and find out the right and wrong. He assures them that he will help her. He asks Lakshmi to wait, he will come back from the oath ceremony and help her. He goes for the oath ceremony. Rishi reaches there and asks about Lakshmi. The man thinks Rishi is called by the chief. Malishka waits for her car. The Dhaba man gets scolded her and tells that she is just the opposite of Rishi.

She gets angry that Rishi has left for Lakshmi. The girl’s parents see her and think to find out Malishka’s problem. Malishka misbehaves with them. She thanks him and asks him to have food with his family. The man finds her mad. She sees Vikrant and Saloni there. She calms her mind. Neelam waits for Lakshmi’s news. She tells that Rishi can do anything for Lakshmi’s sake. Virender meets her and tells that he knows her well and that she is hiding something. He asks her about the matter. He tells that he will worry if she is worried. He can sense that it’s about Lakshmi. He asks her not to tell him anything if she doesn’t want to say. Vikrant and Saloni meet Malishka. Vikrant tells that his mom ordered him to help Saloni.

Malishka tells that Rishi and she had come to have lunch, but he just left for some work. She asks them to have their lunch. She leaves. She blames Lakshmi for making many lives problematic. Chief Badru wants to kill the minister at any cost. The businessman/chief’s friend Yug calls him and tells him that they didn’t get anything in the minister’s house. He says that Dayasagar is so clever and has evidence against him. Badru tells him that he will manage the task. Yug asks him to just kill Dayasagar. Dayasagar thanks his Guru and tells him that he will give Guru Dakshina for sure. He thanks a reporter for supporting him to expose the truth.


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