Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2023 Written Update Secret love

Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2023 Written Update Secret love

Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2023 Written Update Secret love. Preeta and Karan get close to the meeting but have a hit-and-miss. Karan is in a dilemma, because of his strong intuition of Preeta’s presence. Rajveer and Palki stop at the signal and get blessed by a Kinner. The Kinner gives her blessings that Rajveer and Palki’s love will reach the phase of marriage and their love story will continue their entire life. The kinner tells that Palki doesn’t have sindoor in her hairline, which means she isn’t married yet. She asks them to get married soon. Rajveer and Palki feel awkward.

Rajveer saves Palki from an accident. He pulls her into his arms and they get into a romantic moment. They both realize their feelings of love. He tells them that he will drop her at the jewelry store on time. They have silent moments. Palki tries to clear the misunderstanding that Rajveer and she aren’t a couple. Rajveer knows Palki is getting married to Ketan, but he is glad to hear that. He says yes in reply. Palki asks what is he saying. He says it’s his no in his yes. She gets confused. He tells that he will explain it later. Rajveer wants to marry Palki. Keep reading for the full written update Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Damini gets angered seeing Radha with Mohan. Radha and Mohan are happy together. Radha tells that she will leave for the office. Damini stops her from going to the office. Kadambari asks her what’s the matter. Damini tells that Radha shouldn’t go there from now. Shea accuses Radha of snatching Mohan and also her company. She tells Mohan that Radha has made her away from her family. She calls Radha a chameleon. She gets raging. Mohan stops her. Gungun asks Damini not to hurt Radha.

Radha tells that the house and office belong to Damini. She adds that she is just a guest for six months here. Damini asks her to stop the drama. She angrily hurts Radha by pulling her hair. Mohan and Ketki ask Damini to leave Radha. Damini doesn’t listen to anyone. Mohan calms Damini by hugging her. Radha looks at them. Mohan tells that no one is snatching anything from Damini. Damini acts to fool Mohan. She shows Radha her place.

Rajveer stops the bike at the signal. They see a kinner asking for money, and the people not paying anything. Palki feels the Kinner deserves some money from them. He tells that kinners can work and earn. She tells that society doesn’t support kinners, jobs are gender-oriented these days, and kinners don’t get a chance to earn money. She speaks in favor of the kinners. She tells that the kinner’s blessing doesn’t go waste. She gives the money to the Kinner. The Kinner blesses them to be together always. She tells that she will pray they get married soon and their love story always continues. Palki says no. Rajveer says yes. She asks what is he saying. He says he was going to tell the same thing.

She wants to clear up the misunderstanding. Rajveer pulls her and saves her from getting hit by a vehicle. They get into a moment. She thanks him and rushes to the Kinner, to tell the truth. On the other hand, Nidhi plans to go to the jeweler to get her necklace. She tells Shaurya that the driver didn’t come, and Karan has gone with Bani and Kareena to a temple. He asks her to calm down. He asks why does she want a driver. She asks if he will drive her there. He asks what’s urgent. She tells that she wants her outfit and jewelry to be perfect in the style awards function. She adds that she has to pick up her necklace. He tells that he will do it. He asks her to be at the awards function on time. She thanks him.

Karan looks for Preeta. Preeta is too close. He gets to see her reflection in the mirror. She goes to donate food. Karan misses seeing her. He shows Preeta’s picture to the people and asks them if they have seen her. A man confirms that he has seen Preeta and she is outside distributing food to the needy. Karan asks him if is he sure. The man tells that he is very sure. Karan gets happy and rushes outside to find her. Another man also tells him that Preeta has given him tasty food. He adds that Preeta just left. Karan runs to find Preeta. Palki asks the kinner to take the blessing back.

The Kinner asks if she fought with Rajveer. She asks Rajveer to say sorry to Palki. Rajveer says sorry. The Kinner tells that the blessing can’t be taken back. Palki tells that her marriage got fixed somewhere else. The kinner tells that it will break and it will happen with the one destined for Rajveer. Palki tells that her family will get defamed if this happens. The Kinner tells that Palki didn’t say she doesn’t love Rajveer. Palki replies that she didn’t say she loves him. Rajveer tells that Palki isn’t his girlfriend and they are just neighbors. The Kinner tells that they got blessed to be together as a couple. Rajveer tells Palki that he doesn’t believe this.

He asks her to forget it and come. They leave. The kinner tells that nobody can wipe their Kundali Bhagya. Preeta helps a lady at the temple. Karan reaches there in search of her. In a dramatic moment, Karan gets a jerk and splashes the sindoor over Preeta’s hairline. Karan apologizes to the other lady. He doesn’t see Preeta in front of him. Rajveer drops Palki at the jewelry store and asks her not to go. She asks the reason. He asks her to call Ketan and ask if he has come. She calls Ketan. Ketan and his mom are stuck in a traffic jam. Ketan asks Palki to wait for them. Palki tells that she will wait. Rajveer tells that he will also wait till they come. He finds some men trying to tease Palki.

Rajveer gets angered and protects Palki. He tells that Palki is with him. He takes Palki inside the jewelry store. Palki gets touched by his gesture. The ladies in the showroom see them and think they are a couple in love. Rajveer apologizes to Palki for holding her. She tells that he has done a good thing. He tells that he doesn’t like to fight when the matter can get sorted easily. She tells that even she doesn’t like fights. He tells that when he fights, then he forgets everything. He thinks of Preeta. He wants his revenge on Karan. The showroom manager offers Rajveer and Palki a huge discount because they are a couple. Palki tells that Rajveer isn’t her boyfriend.


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