Anupama 27th April 2023 Written Update Clingy Vanraj

Anupama 27th April 2023 Written Update Clingy Vanraj

Anupama 27th April 2023 Written Update Clingy Vanraj. Anuj meets Anu. She enquires about Anupama. He has no reply to give her. She asks him why didn’t he say sorry to Anupama for his mistake. She knows that Anupama would have forgiven him. She feels guilty that they always fight because of her. She tells that Anupama loves her a lot and agreed to her request when she asked Anupama to explain to Anuj and let her go with Maya. She tells him that she thought to stay with Maya for a few days and then come back home, but Anuj fought with Anupama and split the family. She tells that she wants both her parents. Anuj feels guilty about knowing this. She tells that she misses Anupama, who loves her the most. She asks Anuj and Anupama to stay together. Anuj hugs Anu. He asks her to sleep.

On the other hand, Kanta cries that Anupama couldn’t meet Anuj and her hope broke again. She tells that Anuj has proved that he doesn’t value their relationship. She wants Anupama to accept this truth soon. Anupama and Anuj weep. Kavya makes fun of Vanraj’s expectations about getting Anupama. She tells that he can never get Anupama in his life. Samar and Dimpy feel relieved that their life is getting sorted. She tells that she doesn’t trust her fate and wants to marry him soon. She is afraid that his family will change his decision. He asks her to trust him. He tells that they should live separately after marriage.


She tells that the family will suspect that it’s her decision and regard her as a vamp. He doesn’t want the daily fights. She tells that she will try to adjust to them. She adds that Anuj will take responsibility. He tells that Anuj isn’t able to handle his responsibility. He adds that he has no relationship with Anuj because Anuj has broken ties with Anupama. He calls Anuj wrong. She tells that Anupama is wrong and she had hurt Anuj a lot. She feels Anupama should have not kept their ego and went to meet Anuj. He asks her not to say a word against his mother. She decides to invite Anuj to their marriage. She tells that she doesn’t care if his marriage will come or not. She threatens of breaking their relationship.

Moreover, Vanraj meets Anupama and tells her that he has come to meet her when she didn’t answer his call. She asks him to stop worrying for her and she doesn’t need his support, friendship, and help. She tells that she will get okay on her own. He asks her to focus on herself and forget Anuj. He asks her to move on in her life and make herself shine. He tells her that he is there for her. He angers her. She tells Bhavesh about Vanraj and that she doesn’t want any friends. She is upset because of Anuj. Bhavesh is sure that Anupama’s love will get Anuj back. Kavya and Leela get into an argument over Vanraj and Anupama’s friendship. Vanraj returns home. Leela asks Samar if Dimpy and he had a fight that he looks so upset.

Samar asks if is he upset that Dimpy broke the marriage. Vanraj asks if is he joking. Leela tells that it’s good. Samar argues with the family and asks them to rejoice. The family discusses Samar’s marriage. Leela wishes the marriage doesn’t happen. She wishes Anuj and Anupama’s fight never gets resolved. Maya and Anuj take care of Anu. Anu tells that Anuj and Anupama will get back together. Maya gets upset. Pakhi goes to Mumbai to meet Anuj. Vanraj asks Kinjal why didn’t she stop Pakhi. Kinjal tells that she wasn’t aware of it. Hasmukh asks him what’s wrong if Pakhi has gone to meet Anuj. Vanraj tells that Pakhi should have not gone to meet Anuj who came to the city and didn’t meet Anupama. He wants to stop her.

Barkha asks Adhik why didn’t he stop Pakhi from meeting Anuj. She tells that Pakhi has heard Maya and her conversation and if she tells this to Anuj, then he will throw them out of the house. Ankush laughs happily and tells them that he didn’t stop Pakhi because he wants Anuj to come back. He doesn’t want to be involved in her plotting. He tells that once Anuj comes back, he will throw Barkha out of the house. Anupama calls up Pakhi and finds her number off. Pakhi meets Anuj and tells him that he wants to talk to him. She speaks to Anupama and tells that she has come to meet Anuj. She tries to make Anuj and Anupama together. Kavya tells Leela that Anupama will never come back to Vanraj.


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