Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update DNA test

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update DNA test

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update DNA test. Ranbir speaks to the doctor. He tells that everything is happening at the destined time like it’s fixed, it’s happening at the right time. The doctor asks him what’s the problem and what does he mean. Ranbir tells that he wants to get a DNA test done. He adds that he wants to match his DNA with Khushi. He suspects that Khushi can be his daughter Panchi, and wants to confirm it. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023.

Radha speaks to Gungun. She tells that Damini can’t harm Mohan and her relationship. Damini keeps a watch on her every move. She doesn’t want Mohan to worry about Radha. She tells that everything will change. She asks Mohan not to worry about her. She tells that Mohan doesn’t feel for her because he had asked Radha to go to the office. Radha gets an envelope from a mysterious person who had earlier sent a parcel for her. She remembers the parcel. She wants to know who is guiding her about Tulsi’s death secret. She stays back in the office, while the other employees leave. A person is seen behind Radha. The person wants Radha to reach the secret before Damini does something.


Radha gets attacked by some goons in the office. Damini watches Radha in trouble. She wants to kill Radha. She tells that Radha wanted to know Tulsi’s death secret and now Radha will go to Tulsi. Radha hides from the goons and wonders how they know about her. She sees the CCTV camera and learns that someone is watching her. Damini tells that Tulsi died by burning in the fire. She asks Radha how would she die. She tells that Radha will know how she dies. Damini enjoys Radha’s plight. She tells that Radha will die in the same way and Mohan will think of it as an accident.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update DNA test:

Ranbir watches Akshay and Prachi sharing a hug and gets upset. Vikram finds Ranbir in pain. Akshay consoles Prachi. Ranbir cries. Vikram hugs his son and consoles him. Ranbir tells that he donated his blood to Khushi and was feeling weak, so he got emotional and cried. Vikram understands him. He tells that he can also give the blood to Khushi. He asks Ranbir to calm down. Ranbir asks do they feel emotional about donating blood. Vikram tells that they get emotional when they give heart to someone. He goes to meet Khushi. He meets Pallavi and Dida. Dida asks Ranbir to take Vikram for blood donation. Vikram gets to meet Dadi. She tells that she is very happy to meet him after years. He tells that he missed her a lot.

She replies that she also missed him a lot. He tells that Sahana still looks the same. He asks her if is she okay. She nods. He sees Khushi. He tells them that Khushi resembles Ranbir in looks. Dadi doesn’t think so. She tells that many people have matching blood groups, but may not be resembling. He goes to donate blood to Khushi. Prachi and Akshay come back. Ranbir recalls Vikram’s words. Prachi sees Ranbir. He remembers Khushi. He wonders if fate has brought Khushi into his life. He checks Khushi’s picture and thinks if she resembles him. He feels strange that he finds Khushi like Prachi.

He tells that if Khushi is Prachi’s daughter, then it means she is his daughter too. He meets the doctor and tells him that they have met today because of fate. He asks him to help him. He tells that he wants to get his DNA test done and matched with Khushi. The doctor agrees to help him. She tells that nobody should know that they are friends. Wilson scolds Balbeer that Laali has trapped them, and now nobody will come to bail them out. Balbeer tells that Laali will come to help them for the sake of money. He adds that she has no police record. Wilson asks him to call Laali. Balbeer asks Inspector to let him make a phone call. The inspector permits him.

Balbeer calls up Laali and apologizes to her so that he convinces her to get help. She scolds him for beating her. She doesn’t want to help him. He begs her to help him. He tells that he will get her a hefty amount if she helps him. Laali tells that she will come. He tells Wilson that Laali will come and get them bailed out. Wilson praises him for fooling Laali. Prachi apologizes to Matarani. She asks Matarani to save Khushi and not punish her. She adds that she can’t live without her daughter. A lady comes there and tells Prachi that the past will come back to her in the present. She consoles Prachi.

She tells that happiness will come into her life. Prachi thanks her for the blessing. She asks the lady to help Khushi recover. The lady tells that they will keep a havan for Khushi. Ranbir wishes that he gets his Panchi back. He prays that a miracle happens in his life.


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