Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2023 Written Update Triumph

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2023 Written Update Triumph

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2023 Written Update Triumph. Lakshmi asks Dayasagar to come with her for a minute. She tells him that a bomb is planted there and the terrorists employed her for the task. Rishi follows Badru. He tells the police about the terrorists. Dayasagar is shocked to learn about the bomb and informs his security. Rishi says that Badru is the boss. Neelam tells Virender that they have to go to the ministry because she can sense some problems there. The goons fight the police. Rishi also gets caught by Badru. Lakshmi worries for Rishi. The man tells Dayasagar that Rishi is missing. He checks the bomb in Lakshmi’s bag and informs that the bomb got activated.

Rishi fights with Badru. Ayush reaches Shalu to save her life. Ayush fights the goons. Lakshmi acts wise and tries to save Dayasagar and innocent people. Rishi helps the people leave the building. He catches Badru at gunpoint. Police reach there and help Rishi in fighting the terrorists. Lakshmi stays back in the ministry. She doesn’t run away. She tells Dayasagar that he should be safe, if he gets caught then the terrorists will get mighty. She adds that it’s really important for him to stay safe.


She gives him a solution to leave from there. She asks the men to help her. She says that Dayasagar is a good minister, he has worked hard for the people’s lives, and he deserves to be with them. She asks them to help her save Dayasagar. She says that she is inspired by Dayasagar. She asks them to cover up the CCTV cameras. Rishi and Lakshmi fail the terrorist’s plan, while the Oberois reach there for Rishi. Lakshmi survives the first threat in her life. Will Neelam share the Kundali dosh and alert Lakshmi? Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2023.

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th April 2023 Written Update Triumph:

Dayasagar gives a good and impactful speech before his oath ceremony. Lakshmi tells that she has to tell him something. He calls her on the stage. She asks Rishi to go and do his work. Lakshmi speaks well about Dayasagar. Badru thinks Lakshmi is impressive. Lakshmi asks the people to promise that they will also support Dayasagar. Dayasagar is also impressed with her remarkable speech. Rishi reaches Badru. Lakshmi removes the Bluetooth and takes Dayasagar aside for a talk. Rishi thinks to blast Badru. Lakshmi asks Dayasagar not to react and just listen to her. She tells that the terrorists made her plant a bomb. He is shocked. Rishi fights Badru. Lakshmi shows the bag and asks Dayasagar not to react.

She tells that they have to leave and reach some safe place. Neelam prays for Rishi’s safety. Karishma finds her praying and asks her the matter. Neelam tells that she has come to pray for Rishi. She adds that he has gone with Lakshmi. Karishma asks her not to worry so much. Neelam adds that she feels restless and wishes her son gets back home. She goes to Virender and asks if he spoke to anyone. He says no. She tells that she is worried for Rishi. She wants to go to the ministry office and get Rishi home. Virender asks the reason for her worry. He tells that Lakshmi and Rishi are together. Ayush asks them why are they tense. Karishma says that Rishi has gone to the ministry.

Ayush says that Lakshmi called Shalu to get an ID card, so Shalu has also gone there. He wants to call Shalu and find out. He gets her number off. Neelam gets much worried. Rishi bashes Badru. Badru asks why is he beating him. He wonders who is he. Rishi tells that he felt Badru is a terrorist. Badru asks if would he get beaten up if he was a terrorist. The guard says that Badru isn’t going inside, but he came with the minister. He asks Rishi who is he. Rishi introduces himself. Lakshmi asks Dayasagar if he knows a safe place. He tells that he can’t leave until he saves the people. She knows it.

She tells that she will save everyone. The terrorists come there. Guards stop them. Badru asks his men to put the guns down. Rishi tells that Badru is the terrorists’ boss. Rishi and the security guards fight the terrorists. The people hear a gunshot and run in panic. Lakshmi wishes Rishi succeeds in getting the remote. Rishi catches Badru at gunpoint and asks him to give him the remote. He tells the inspector that Badru is the terrorists’ boss and he has the remote to the bomb. Badru gives the remote. Rishi asks the people not to panic. Badru pushes Rishi and threatens the people.

Rishi smashes the remote. He asks the inspector to arrest Badru. Lakshmi asks Dayasagar to think of some way to go out. He tells them about a tunnel that will take them to the exit. She asks them to leave because he needs to stay safe. Badru stamps his foot and tells that he activated the bomb, the real remote was in his foot and now the bomb will explode in half an hour.


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