Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2023 Written Update Panchi’s truth

Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2023 Written Update Panchi's truth

Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2023 Written Update Panchi’s truth. A lady at the temple blesses Prachi to achieve happiness in her life. She says that happiness will come to Prachi very soon when the wind changes its direction. She tells her that everything will change for the good. She signs Prachi about something big about to happen. She tells Prachi that very soon, the past will rotate and come into the present. She consoles Prachi. Prachi gets amazed by her blessing. She tells about her daughter’s ill condition. She wants Khushi to fight for her life. The lady says that Khushi will get fine and also everything will get okay in Prachi’s life. She asks Prachi to accompany her to the havan.

On the other side, Ranbir remembers Vikram’s words that Khushi resembles him/Ranbir and their blood group also matches. He is hurt that Prachi is moving on with Akshay. He wishes that he gets Khushi in his life. He believes that Khushi is his Panchi. He says that he always knew Khushi is his child, but he didn’t tell anyone, because he had no proof. He wishes some miracle happens and he gets Khushi forever. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2023.


Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2023 Written Update Panchi’s truth:

Rhea reaches Ranbir and consoles him. She asks him not to worry, Vikram had come to give blood to Khushi and she will be fine. Ranbir gets hopeful. She tells that Khushi resembles Ranbir like she is his blood. Akshay watches them and wishes they unite soon. He finds them perfect. Ranbir gets to see the doctor and rushes to know about the DNA test. Doctor tells that the test is done and they will see the results. Ranbir rushes to see the results. A nurse also enters the labs to check the DNA test results she had done without informing anyone.

She tells that she wants to fix the wrong and unite a mother and a daughter. The other nurse feels scared that anyone can know it. She gives the reports. Ranbir gets the reports. He is amazed to find the truth that the DNA matches and Khushi is his daughter Panchi. He thanks the doctor. The nurse checks the DNA test reports and tells that Khushi is Prachi’s daughter. He tells that he will tell everyone that he got Panchi. He gets over the moon. Pallavi asks Ranbir if is he okay. Ranbir tells that he has given good news to Prachi. He asks where is Prachi. Dadi asks him about the news. Ranbir tells that Prachi has a right to know. He finally meets Prachi and tells her that he has good news to give to her.

Prachi asks what is it. He tells that it’s something for which she has prayed every day. He tells them that finally, it happened as they wished. Ranbir hugs Vikram for hinting at the truth to him. He thanks Akshay and Rhea for supporting Prachi and him so much. Prachi coughs. Akshay goes to get water for her. Ashok gets a call and goes away. Akshay and Ashok miss knowing the truth about Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage and child. Ranbir tells Prachi that they got Panchi in their lives and their dream was fulfilled, the day became inauspicious for them, but they don’t need to cry for Panchi now, Khushi is their Panchi. He breaks the truth that Khushi is their daughter Panchi. Prachi is shocked to know this.

The family can’t believe this either and gets joyful. He tells that he is saying the truth, Khushi is Panchi. They have a hug. Khushi comes out of the ward and walks to them. They happily rush to meet Panchi aka Khushi. Sahana checks the birthmark on Khushi’s foot. Prachi hugs Panchi. She tells that she is their happiness. She adds that she is her real mother. Ranbir tells that he is Khushi’s real father. They hug Panchi and cry. Vikram tells that he understood Khushi is their Panchi. Pallavi asks Khushi to come with them. Dadi tells that Khushi will stay with her mother. Pallavi asks what about Ranbir, who had cried a lot for his daughter. Dadi and Pallavi get into an argument.

Dida and Pallavi argue with Dadi and Sahana over Ranbir and Prachi’s rights in Panchi. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand. Dida asks him to leave Prachi’s hand and remember that he is going to marry Rhea. She tells that Prachi can’t stay with him now. Prachi tells that Panchi is her daughter. Pallavi asks Sahana to take Prachi away. Sahana tells that Khushi will go with Prachi. She argues with Kohlis. The argument gets bigger. Ranbir asks them to stop it. He breaks out of his imagination. He tells the family that he was thinking of something. The nurse tells Sahana that she has to tell her something important. Sahana asks what’s the matter. The nurse tells her that Khushi is Prachi’s daughter.

She apologizes for performing the DNA test without Prachi’s consent. Sahana is shocked to know the truth. The nurse tells that she has seen the birthmark on Khushi’s foot and then did the test. Sahana is so happy to learn about the miracle. She checks the DNA reports. She hugs and thanks the nurse. She runs to tell this to Prachi. Prachi performs the puja for Khushi. Sahana reaches Prachi and tells about Khushi. She tells that Khushi is Prachi’s daughter Panchi. Prachi is happily surprised on hearing this. Sahana tells about the birthmark on Khushi’s foot and shows the DNA test reports. Prachi gets much happy to know that she has got her lost Panchi back. She tells that they will go and see Panchi.

She runs to see her daughter. Prachi tells the nurse that she is Panchi’s mother. She is excited. She hugs the nurse who helped her with this revelation. The nurse tells that Prachi had to get her daughter back because of her love. Prachi is grateful to her. The nurse gives her good wishes. Prachi wants to meet Khushi once. He tells that she can’t meet her. She tells that she is Khushi’s real mother. He doesn’t allow her. He tells that she can’t go inside the ICU. He restricts her.


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