Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2023 Written Update Revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2023 Written Update Revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2023 Written Update Revelation. Ranbir tells that Prachi might have not dreamt of this, and when he tells her that Khushi is their Panchi, she will happily hug him. Pallavi tells Dida and Vikram that she also feels they should get Ranbir married to Rhea, because when Prachi marries Akshay, then Ranbir can’t tolerate it and break down. She can’t see her son breaking down and decides to get Rhea in his life. On the other hand, Prachi wants to meet Khushi once, knowing that Khushi is her daughter. The doctor doesn’t permit her to go inside. He tells that she can’t enter the ICU because of a special reason. She wants to meet Panchi once and hold her hand. She gets adamant and requests him. He explains her a lot and then threatens of calling security.

She agrees to not see her daughter, instead getting thrown out of the hospital. She tells that she wanted to see Panchi once and touch her, feel her daughter’s presence, and embrace her. She gets emotional and longs to meet Panchi. She wants to tell the truth to Khushi and expects her to get happy with the news. Ranbir also decides to tell Khushi that he is her real father. He wants his dream to get fulfilled. He tells that Khushi will be much surprised and happy to know that Shiv and Parvati are her real parents.


He is afraid of the family clashes when he informs everyone about Khushi being their Panchi. He doesn’t want Kohlis and Aroras to fight for Panchi. Prachi is also scared that Ranbir may ask for Panchi. She decides to take Panchi home with her. She doesn’t want Kohlis to get away with Panchi. Keep reading for a full update on your favorite show, Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2023 Written Update Revelation:

Prachi tells that she wanted to meet Khushi once. She takes the nurse’s help to meet Khushi. Ranbir waits for Prachi. He tells that it’s a big day and Prachi should be with him. He adds that Prachi will go mad in happiness when she learns the unimaginable thing. He tells that Prachi will fight with him. Prachi asks the nurse to give her ID card for some time because she wants to meet Panchi once. She doesn’t think anyone will understand her emotions. She wants to be with Panchi and touch her, kiss her, and feel her presence. She knows she isn’t doing anything wrong. She thanks the nurse. She rushes to meet Khushi. The nurse Bela gets busy with her work. Prachi takes the nurse’s disguise to meet Khushi.

Bela supports her. Sahana tells Dadi that Khushi is the reason for her joy. She reveals that Khushi is Prachi’s daughter Panchi. Dadi asks what is she saying and how did she learn this. Sahana tells about Bela’s efforts in finding the truth. Ashok tells Sahana that Akshay is so scared because of his love for Prachi. Dadi tells that nobody can tell them about the future. She adds that Prachi will soon give him a piece of good news. Prachi meets Panchi. She gets overjoyed and hugs her daughter. She tells that she will not let her go anywhere. She is very happy like Panchi is born today. She tells Panchi that she is her mother. She feels lucky to get her Panchi back. She kisses and caresses Panchi.

Prachi tells that she has kept gifts for Panchi on her every birthday. She checks Khushi’s foot and sees the birthmark. She cries happily. She tells that Panchi is her moon, star, and life. She wants Panchi to be with her always. She asks Panchi to call her Maa once. She stays by her side. Pallavi finds Akshay looking for Prachi. She tells that Akshay loves Prachi a lot. Vikram tells that it’s a really good thing. Akshay asks them about Prachi. Vikram asks him to take care of Prachi, who is like their daughter. He tells that Prachi needs love in her life, she is a loving and caring girl. He praises Prachi. Akshay agrees to look after her. He knows Vikram loves Prachi and knows her well. Vikram is glad that Akshay loves Prachi and will keep her happy.

Pallavi tells that Rhea loves Ranbir, if Akshay marries Prachi, then Ranbir will break down. She adds that she can’t see her son breaking down. Vikram calls it fate. The doctor comes to check on Khushi. He asks Prachi to read the details. Prachi doesn’t know what to say. She runs away from there before getting caught. Akshay thinks that Prachi will love him. He has seen Prachi talking to the moon. He asks the moon to help Prachi live her life to the fullest. He wishes Prachi gets feelings for him and loves him. He understands Prachi doesn’t love him.

He feels he got mad at Prachi. He tells that love makes a person do the unthinkable. He sees Prachi, who appears much happy. He thanks the moon for fulfilling his wish. Ranbir reaches there. Prachi hugs Akshay happily. Ranbir sees them and steps back. He thinks of his daughter Panchi.

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