3 Spoilers in Kundali Bhagya Meet GHKPM

3 Spoilers in Kundali Bhagya Meet GHKPM

3 Spoilers in Kundali Bhagya Meet GHKPM. Kundali Bhagya Spoiler High Drama at Shaurya’s event. Rajveer and Palki gatecrash the style awards. They hide from the guards. They enter the green room and hide behind the wardrobe. They get into a moment. Love begins to blossom in their hearts. He asks her not to worry because he is with her. The guards look for them. The guard tells that they will fall into big trouble if they don’t find Rajveer and Palki. They check Shaurya’s room and don’t find anyone there. Rajveer finds Palki troubled by her hair and helps her by moving the hair off her face. A romantic moment is created between them. They wait for the guards to leave. Rajveer tells Palki that they have to reach the stage and expose Shaurya’s evil deed in front of everyone to teach him a lesson. Palki is impressed with Rajveer who is fighting for her esteem. She already likes him, and now begins to love him.



Meet and Manmeet return home. Yashoda welcomes them and accepts Meet in the family. The entire family supports Meet, except Sarkar and Mahender. Sarkar wants Manmeet’s happiness. He pretends to accept Meet. Mahender tells that he will help Sarkar take revenge on Meet. Manmeet supports Meet. Mahender feels Meet is doing wrong. His ego gets hurt seeing Meet dominating the house and family.


Sai gets married to Satya, who is Virat’s stepbrother. Sai becomes Virat’s Bhabhi. Savi gets upset with Sai when she learns that Sai has married Satya. Pakhi realizes that Virat will never love her. She leaves his life after all her hopes break down. Bhavani gets hell-bent to get Savi with her. She determines to get Savi and Savi back home. Satya stops Bhavani. Savi tells Bhavani that she got a cute surprise in Satya’s house and she likes her new room. she wants Bhavani to see her new room. Sai scolds Savi and sends her to her room. Bhavani tells that she will see how Sai stops her from taking Savi. Sai asks Bhavani not to dare snatch her daughter. She adds that her daughter will stay with her. Virat allows Savi to stay with Sai. He asks Bhavani to come with her. Bhavani asks him not to lose his daughter. Bhavani is shocked to know that Amba is Satya’s mother. She identifies Amba as Ninad’s lover. Amba tells Satya that Bhavani is her elder sister.


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