BALH Upcoming Prachi proud moment with Raghav

BALH Upcoming Prachi proud moment with Raghav

BALH Upcoming Prachi proud moment with Raghav. Prachi gets angry with Pihu when the latter calls the media for an interview. She unwillingly agrees to give the interview. She gets Raghav’s support. She tells that a girl can beautifully handle her work and also her relationship, she doesn’t need anyone’s help and support to plan her life. Raghav likes to see Prachi’s strong stand for herself. Pihu intends to unite Raghav and Prachi, by making Josh out of Prachi’s life. She tells that the interview will boost Prachi’s confidence. Prachi conveys a good message to all the girls that they can do anything and should progress by eradicating the old-school mentality.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:


Samrat exposes Siddharth and Mansi’s truth, who were making a conspiracy against Nayantara. Samrat reveals the truth in front of Nayantara. Mansi isn’t scared of anyone. Siddharth tells Samrat that Mansi is just saying nonsense and they shouldn’t believe her. Samrat asks Nayantara was she acting till now. He is hurt that she was taking revenge on him to torture him. He asks her why did she do this. Siddharth asks him to put a stop to his argument. He doesn’t want Samrat to blame Nayantara. He tells that he had saved Nayantara when Samrat had pushed her off the cliff. He adds that he lied to Nayantara and that Samrat intentionally did this.

Samrat rebukes him. Siddharth learns that Mansi has double-crossed him. He tells Samrat that he didn’t know Mansi’s real intentions. Nayantara scolds Siddharth for using her in his plans when she trusted him. Samrat threatens him. Siddharth accepts that she had supported Mansi in her evil conspiracy of separating Samrat and Nayantara. He reveals Mansi’s crimes, which he could never imagine. He tells how Mansi tried to kill Nayantara. Mansi fails in her plans. She wants to kidnap Prem to blackmail Samrat.


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