YRKKH Upcoming track promises lots of twists

YRKKH Upcoming track promises lots of twists

YRKKH Upcoming track promises lots of twists. Ruhi feels terrible when Abhimanyu gives more importance to Abhir. She asks Aarohi why Abhimanyu always spends time with Abhir, by leaving her behind. She tells that Abhimanyu has planned a secret birthday party for Abhir and also gave him good gifts. She wants Abhimanyu with her. She tells Aarohi that she wants her dad back. Aarohi doesn’t want Ruhi to get hurt. She feels sorry to use Ruhi to save her relationship because she can’t see her daughter in sorrow. She asks Ruhi to speak to Abhimanyu and express herself. She is sure that Abhimanyu will listen to Ruhi because he loves her a lot.

Ruhi runs to speak to Abhimanyu, who feels he has done wrong to scold Ruhi. He wants to apologize to her. Akshara wants Abhimanyu to understand Ruhi, who is heartbroken by his behavior. Abhinav doesn’t think Abhimanyu will understand her point. He tells that Abhimanyu will misunderstand her and think she is making him away from his son Abhir. She tells him that she knows the problem that arises in the entire family when two siblings have insecurities. She adds that she has undergone the pain in her entire life, because of Aarohi and her clash. She doesn’t want Ruhi to get against Abhir. She goes to speak to Abhimanyu.


She is shocked to see Ruhi’s outrageous behavior. She wonders how can Ruhi be so angered at Abhir. She asks Abhimanyu to control his feelings for Abhir because it’s hurting Ruhi. She reminds me that he got to know about his relationship with Abhir a few days back, but he has had a relationship with Ruhi for 6 years. She asks him to focus on Ruhi’s good upbringing and forget his madness for Abhir. She gets overheard by Manjiri. Will Manjiri land in a similar situation to Mahima, and see her son Abhimanyu struggling for his son Abhir? Keep reading for more on YRKKH Upcoming track.


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