Udaariyaan 5th May 2023 Sartaj marries Nehmat

Udaariyaan 5th May 2023 Sartaj marries Nehmat

Udaariyaan 5th May 2023 Sartaj marries Nehmat. Balbeer marries Naaz for the sake of the property of Sandhus and Jasmin. He wants to get benefits from both families. Naaz intends to have a lavish life and finds Balbeer a powerful person who can fulfill her wishes. She traps Balbeer in her love and brainwashes him against his family. Balbeer eventually marries her and believes that she likes him. Naaz has a hidden agenda behind marrying him. She wants to exact her revenge on Jasmin and Harleen. She thinks it’s good Nehmat has already left their lives, but Harleen is still Jasmin’s priority. Sartaj is Balbeer’s son. He hates Balbeer and recollects how Balbeer has cheated on his wife. He ends ties with Balbeer but comes back home to trouble him on knowing that Balbeer got remarried. Sartaj makes an entry into Randhawa’s house. He brings Nehmat home. He congratulates Balbeer on his marriage. He adds that he has good news too. He asks Balbeer to meet his would-be Bahu Nehmat. Ekam and Harleen meet Sartaj and are shocked to see Nehmat with the latter. Nehmat is unconscious in Sartaj’s arms. Fate brings Nehmat back to Ekam. What will be Nehmat’s reaction when she finds herself in front of Ekam and Harleen again? Did Sartaj really marry Nehmat orfakeg it to exact his revenge on his father? Keep reading.



Ranav and Yamini have a battle using their demonic powers. Yamini shows her true colors. She gets the Mrityu Paash astra. She gains the ultimate powers and thinks she can defeat Ranav, who is Pratham. Pratham learns that Yamini has killed Ashwat. He wants to take revenge for Ashwat’s death. She catches Pratham and eradicates his powers by using the mega weapon. Pratham aka Ranav falls helpless. Yamini tells that she will kill Pratham and send him to their father Balaka and brother Ashwat. She tells that she didn’t kill Ashwat, but she attempted to do it. She adds that someone else has killed Ashwat, but Pratham will never be able to find the truth. Who is Ashwat’s killer? Will Pratham fight Yamini and save his life? Stay tuned.


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