Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update New Crisis

Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update New Crisis

Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update New Crisis. Prachi goes to meet Khushi. She tells Meera that she knows Khushi already and wants to take her home. She asks Meera if she can take Khushi with her. Meera asks Khushi if she wants to go with Prachi. Khushi tells that she knows Prachi and loves her a lot. She wants to go with Prachi. Meera tells that it’s good if the girl has chosen Prachi as a mother. She tells Prachi that she can adopt Khushi. Prachi gets delighted. Later, Meera checks the forms filled by Sahana and Dadi. She learns that Prachi is separated from her husband and doesn’t stay with him, which means Prachi will become Khushi’s single parent. She tells them that she is sorry but Prachi can’t adopt Khushi in such a situation if she isn’t living with her husband.

Sahana and Dadi get upset, and wonder how will Prachi react to this. Ranbir also attempts to adopt Khushi and meets Meera. Kohlis also intend to take Khushi home. Ranbir is also denied the adoption rights because he is also separated from his wife and would be a single parent for Khushi. Both Ranbir and Prachi are rejected based on their marital status and broken relationship. Will they consider patching up and getting back together for Khushi’s sake? Keep reading for a full update on your favorite show Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Tulsi reaches Radha to help her. Radha is broken that Mohan has ended ties with her and wants her to leave the house. Tulsi wants to stop Radha from leaving. She tells Radha that Mohan needs her right now. She doesn’t want Damini to take advantage of Mohan’s weak phase. She tells that Damini is scared of getting exposed, and now she will take a big step against Radha. She asks Radha to fight for her rights. She signals Radha that she is around to support her. Radha knows what Tulsi wants to tell her, that she shouldn’t lose hope so soon. She tells that Mohan has hurt her a lot. She wants to make Mohan’s present, future, and also his past better by proving Damini’s crime. She wants Tulsi to get justice. She decides to not go anywhere until she finds the evidence against Damini.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update New Crisis:

Meera tells Prachi that she will call the kids. She explains that if Prachi likes a kid and the kid also likes her, then she can adopt that kid. Prachi wishes everything gets fine and Panchi comes back to her. Prachi meets the kids. She gets delighted to meet Khushi. She tells Meera that she knows Khushi and wants to take her. Meera asks Khushi if she wants to go with Prachi. Khushi says yes. Meera congratulates Prachi and tells that she can take Khushi. She asks Prachi to talk to Khushi until the formalities are completed.

Prachi hugs Khushi and tells that they will go home. Khushi shows her room to Prachi. She tells that she didn’t know about the other kids. Prachi tells that the kids are orphans. Khushi tells that people love the kids and give them gifts also. She goes to get a cake for Prachi. Prachi feels Khushi is too innocent. She loves her a lot. Khushi gets the cake and feeds it to Prachi. She shows her new clothes. She is very excited. She tells that she will share all her things with Prachi. Prachi gets to see Panchi’s gold chain with Khushi. She cries emotionally and hugs her.

Meera asks Dadi and Sahana if they have filled the form well. She checks Prachi’s mail. She asks them if they have missed any details. She tells that Prachi is separated from her husband, which means she lives alone and can’t adopt Khushi. They get worried. Ranbir and his family head to the orphanage. Ranbir is worried thinking of Rhea’s words. He stops the car. He tells that he wants to do the right thing and he wants some time to think again. He feels Rhea is right and Prachi should know about Panchi. He doesn’t want Prachi to take away Panchi. He tells that he wanted to tell the truth to Prachi, but she was with Akshay, he felt something and decided to not tell her about Panchi.

Pallavi understands his emotions. Dida tells that he isn’t wrong, and Rhea will also understand this. Aryan asks Ranbir not to worry, Rhea won’t tell anything to Prachi. Ranbir buys some ice cream and Vada pau for Khushi. The family knows Ranbir has got Khushi’s favorite things. Khushi asks Prachi if she will fulfill her promise. Prachi promises her to make her life the best. She tells that she will design Khushi’s room beautifully with stars and moon. Khushi tells Prachi that Laali told her about the gold chain, it belongs to her but she could never wear it. Prachi thinks she didn’t imagine Laali is so selfish. Khushi introduces Prachi as her Parvati. Prachi tells that they have a relationship.

She wants to tell Khushi that she is her daughter Panchi. Sahana reaches Prachi and tells about the big problem. She asks Khushi to come later. She takes Prachi with her. Prachi meets Meera and asks about the matter. Meera tells that Prachi isn’t meeting the requirements. She apologizes that she can’t let Prachi adopt Khushi. Prachi asks her why can’t she take Khushi home. She gets upset. Meera asks her to calm down and know the requirements first. Prachi offers a big donation. Meera tells that Prachi isn’t meeting all the requirements. She asks if Prachi wanted to pay money and get a child. Prachi tells that she didn’t mean that. Dadi defends Prachi who is good at heart. She requests Meera to give Khushi to Prachi.

Meera tells that she can’t give Khushi to Prachi because Prachi is separated. Prachi asks if is she serious, and how it matters if she is separated when she is independent, educated, and earns well. She tells that Khushi will get love, family, and education. Meera tells that a child needs both parents, if anything happens to Prachi, then the child will not have any support. She adds that kids need the love of both a mother and a father. She asks Prachi to leave else she will call the police. Dadi asks Meera not to do this. The ladies make Prachi leave. They ask Prachi not to behave oddly else Khushi will think Prachi is mad and get scared of her. Prachi tells that Khushi is her daughter and she wants to go to her.

The lady asks Prachi not to call Khushi her daughter. She advises Prachi to leave and not spoil things further. Prachi tells that Khushi is her daughter. The lady feels bad for Prachi and Khushi. She tells that she can’t help Prachi. She asks Prachi to hire a good lawyer and complete the adoption formalities. Dadi and Sahana take Prachi with her. Khushi asks about Prachi. She learns that Prachi left. She wonders if Prachi forgot to take her home. Khushi cries a lot. Prachi leaves from there. Ranbir arrives there to meet Khushi. Prachi cries for Khushi.


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