Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer exposes Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer exposes Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer exposes Shaurya. Rajveer asks Shaurya what kind of person he is and that he wanted to exact revenge on a girl by putting false blame on her. He says that Shaurya has stooped too low by this indecent act. He adds that Palki can never imagine stealing anything or doing such a wrong thing, she didn’t make any mistake and she is innocent. He asks how can Shaurya falsely blame Palki and get her humiliated. Karan asks Shaurya what is Rajveer saying. Rajveer plays the video footage on the screen and shows them how Shaurya has put the necklace in Palki’s bag and framed her. Karan and Nidhi are shocked to realize Shaurya’s yet another conspiracy. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2023.

Radha Mohan:


Mohan tells Radha that Damini didn’t kill Tulsi. He yells that Tulsi has committed suicide because she couldn’t become a good wife and a good mother. Radha asks him to stop blaming Tulsi and try to find the right cause of the latter’s death. She asks him what proof does he have to that he had declared Tulsi as a bad wife and a bad mother. He asks her how she knows that Tulsi was a good person. She says that Tulsi has herself told this to her. He gets puzzled. Tulsi witnesses their argument. Mohan asks Radha if she has lost her mind. She tells him that she felt Tulsi around her and Tulsi is in much pain. She is sure that Damini is behind Tulsi’s murder. Mohan doesn’t believe her. He says that he is playing a game with him.

He adds that she is taking advantage of Tulsi’s death for her selfish gains. He feels Radha doesn’t love him and just wants to win him. He is much hurt by Radha’s baseless claims. He regrets marrying Radha. He calls his marriage with Radha the biggest mistake of his life. He hates her and feels he made a big mistake by loving her. He doesn’t want her to stay in his life, because she isn’t deserving. Radha gets heartbroken and cries profusely. Tulsi asks Radha not to cry, but to fight strongly. She feels Mohan’s goodness in his biggest weakness and Damini’s biggest strength. She wants Mohan to come out of his guilt about Damini.

Tulsi catches Radha’s tear in her hand. Radha spots Tulsi there. Mohan wishes Radha to leave his life. He asks Radha to never return. Radha and Mohan cry and recollect their moments. Radha feels the pain, just like Mohan. Damini is scared. Her mum asks her why is she scared. She checks Damini’s phone. She asks her if she has gone wrong to keep the evidence with her. Damini tells that everything will get ruined. She adds that Radha has got close to Mohan and she will find the proof against her. She tells how Radha has reached the office and tried to find the secret. She tells that she has killed Tulsi. A candle stand falls over the carpet and lights up a fire.

Damini feels guilty seeing the fire and tells that she has burnt Tulsi in the fire. Her mum asks her to keep her mouth shut. Damini is scared of falling into Mohan’s sight and losing him forever. She tells that she will get arrested. Her mum tells that she will get Radha killed in the same way as Tulsi has died. Someone records Damini and her mum’s planning. The person wants to see how Radha survives Damini’s attack.

Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer exposes Shaurya:

Rajveer tells the people that Shaurya belongs to a rich family. He adds that he will bring Shaurya’s true face out. Shaurya asks what he means. Rajveer tells that Shaurya doesn’t deserve the award. Jasbeer, Ketan, Mahi and Daljeet have a talk. Preeta and Gurpreet come home to meet Daljeet. Jasbeer asks Preeta to call Rajveer and ask him where is he because Palki is with him. She waits for Palki. Ketan tells that he wants to know what’s happening. Preeta tells that they would be coming anytime. Daljeet asks Ketan not to worry. Jasbeer tells Mahi that they visit Switzerland every summer. Mahi asks Ketan to take her along. He agrees. He wants to know when will Rajveer and Palki come.

Gurpreet tells that Ketan doesn’t trust Palki. Preeta feels even Jasbeer doesn’t trust Palki. Nidhi asks Rajveer who is he and what is he doing. He tells that she wanted to see her son receive an award, but is sorry to hurt her emotions because this won’t happen now. He states that Shaurya has hurt someone who has a good heart. He wants Shaurya to pay for his mistake. Karan asks Rajveer if is he in his sense. Rajveer asks him to stop questioning him. Shaurya asks him to get lost. Karan asks him to leave Rajveer. Rajveer scolds Shaurya for blaming an innocent girl for a false accusation. Karan asks Rajveer to say the matter. Rajveer tells that he wants to tell them Shaurya’s truth.

He shows Palki to them. He tells that Palki is innocent, sweet, and simple, but she got blamed for the theft, Shaurya got her insulted and was getting her arrested too. Shaurya asks Rajveer to stop, else he will regret a lot. Rajveer asks Shaurya about his costly watch. He tells them that he has seen this watch somewhere today itself. He plays the footage on the screen and shows Shaurya’s watch on his wrist.

He tells that the watch on the screen matches Shaurya’s watch, it’s very unique and just Shaurya owns it. He taunts that Shaurya likes to hurt people. Shaurya asks security to take Rajveer away. Rajveer asks them to leave him because he isn’t done. Karan asks the security guards to leave Rajveer. He wants to know the matter. He asks Rajveer to say. Rajveer plays the video and shows how Shaurya is framing Palki to falsely accuse her. He tells that Shaurya had put the necklace in Palki’s bag, then she was caught by the security guard, she got humiliated and cried, Shaurya stood there watching the drama and liked it. He tells that Shaurya doesn’t deserve the award, he is heartless and doesn’t deserve any love and respect. He wonders how Shaurya sings when he has no emotions in his heart.

Rajveer tells Shaurya that he doesn’t deserve the award. He throws the award away and breaks it. He tells that he could have dragged Shaurya to the police station, but the latter would have got freed in a few days, that’s why he chose to expose Shaurya in front of everyone. He asks Shaurya to see that none of his fans are supporting him. He tells Palki that Shaurya is the culprit and he got punished for his mistake. He makes a leave with Palki. Karan gets embarrassed by Shaurya’s mistake. He leaves too. Nidhi reaches out to Shaurya, who fumes in anger. Jasbeer tells Ketan that Palki didn’t come till now and they should leave. Mahi asks Ketan to help her in getting a movie role. He agrees. He leaves with Jasbeer. Daljeet and Gurpreet apologize to each other and hug. Preeta tells that she has come to speak to Daljeet. She likes Palki a lot.

She praises Palki. She asks Daljeet to choose an amazing guy for Palki. She doesn’t like Ketan and Palki’s pairing. She asks if Daljeet is getting Palki married to Ketan to set up Mahi’s career. Daljeet tells that she didn’t do anything wrong. Preeta tells that Daljeet will realize her mistake soon when she feels Ketan and Palki’s thinking aren’t the same. Daljeet tells that she is Palki’s mother and understands her well. She doesn’t want to talk about Ketan. Rajveer and Palki come home. Daljeet asks them where were they and why did they get late. Mahesh and Rakhi find Rishabh tense. They ask about the matter. Rishabh doesn’t want to tell them about the drama at the style awards event. He thinks they will be heartbroken when they know Shaurya didn’t receive any award and instead lost his reputation.

Rakhi tells that she doesn’t want to hear the problem and find a solution, because she is busy celebrating Shaurya’s award. Shaurya and Nidhi come home with Karan. Rakhi asks Shaurya to have the sweets. She congratulates him. Shaurya asks her not to irritate him. Karan asks him not to vent his frustration on his family. He teaches Shaurya to keep his manners. Rakhi asks him to calm down. Karan tells her that Shaurya accused an innocent girl of theft and that police were going to arrest her, but Rajveer took a stand for her and saved her.

He tells them how Rajveer came to the award function and showed them the footage. He feels insulted that Shaurya has ruined his name. He tells that Shaurya doesn’t care for anyone’s respect and life. He is thankful to Rajveer for teaching a lesson to Shaurya and making him realize the mistake. He is glad that Shaurya got insulted. He regrets that he also got insulted because of his son. He tells that he never got defeated by anyone, but today he lost his goodwill because of his son.


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