Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2023 Written Update Roka

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2023 Written Update Roka

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2023 Written Update Roka date. Rishi tells that he doesn’t want to go for any blind belief. Neelam asks him if he can’t agree with his mom, who is just wishing for his safety. She tells that Rishi and Lakshmi should be safe. She upsets Malishka by praising Lakshmi. She says that Lakshmi risks her life to save Rishi and she may die too. She wants to end the fear. She tells Rishi that the problem is with his Kundali, so he has to go there. He wants to take Lakshmi with him and end the risk. She tells that Lakshmi doesn’t need to come with them. Malishka thinks it’s better if Rishi goes away from Lakshmi. Rishi doesn’t understand Neelam’s behavior.

He is sure that she isn’t telling him the truth. Pandit praises Lakshmi for solving everyone’s problems so selflessly and blesses her to never face any such problem again. He sees her with Vikrant and tells them that they will be happy together. He blesses Lakshmi and Vikrant’s pairing. Vikrant’s mom asks Lakshmi to donate things to the poor. She makes Lakshmi perform the charity rituals and fulfill her mannat. Saloni tells that everything is getting okay now and they should keep the Roka ceremony soon. Vikrant’s mom tells that she will talk to Virender and decide on the Roka date. Karishma asks Neelam the reason behind her tension. She says that the matter is really big and she can sense this. She asks Neelam to spill the truth. Neelam is tense.


Karishma knows Neelam will never run away from the problems. She asks her why is she going away and taking Rishi along. Dadi praises Rishi and Lakshmi’s jodi. Ayush says that there can’t be anyone better than them. Saloni gets the good news and tells Vikrant that it’s his Roka tomorrow. Vikrant and Lakshmi see each other. Vikrant looks forward to his Roka. Lakshmi doesn’t know that Rishi is leaving and won’t be there in her Roka. Will Rishi’s absence make Lakshmi realize her love? Keep reading.

Radha Mohan:

Radha and Damini keep an eye on each other. Radha tells that she will not let Damini take any evidence and end her game. Damini gets worried. She tells that her game can’t end so easily, she has hidden her secret for a long and won’t let it get revealed. She knows Radha is trying to expose her involvement in Tulsi’s murder, but sadly Radha can never do this. She wants to erase all the pieces of evidence before Radha can reach it. Mohan tells Tulsi that he feels guilty like he is everyone’s enemy. He recalls Gungun’s words. He realizes that Radha is the one who got him close to Gungun, she made Gungun and his relationship turn better and gave him hope to live and smile.

He feels Radha has broken him this time and hurt him a lot. He asks what did he do that Tulsi and Radha are hurting him. Tulsi hears Mohan’s sorrowful words. She tells that they are just trying to save him from Damini. She is afraid that Radha may also lose her life. Damini doesn’t find her phone. She uses the office phone line and calls someone. She asks the person to just destroy the evidence. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she has killed Tulsi. Radha is stunned at overhearing this conversation. She wants to know Damini’s plan. Radha tells that it’s time for Damini’s evil will end.

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2023 Written Update Roka:

Vikrant reaches the Oberoi house and picks up Lakshmi. Lakshmi meets his family. She tells that they could have come inside and met the family. She asks Saloni about her husband. Saloni tells that he is much busy at work, and couldn’t come. Vikrant tells that he won’t get married if his brother doesn’t come. They leave for the temple. Virender and Dadi ask Neelam how did she suddenly plan to leave for Tirat Yatra. Neelam tells that she wants to go with Rishi and pray for Rishi and Lakshmi. Dadi reasons out and asks why did she plan at this time, when Lakshmi’s marriage is due. Neelam tells that she is worried and wants to shed her tensions by visiting the temple.

She adds that the time for the Tirat yatra was already fixed. She asks Dadi to handle the preparations for Lakshmi’s marriage. She tells that she will come back and perform Lakshmi’s kanyadaan. She asserts that she will keep all her duties. She gives the responsibility to Virender and Dadi. Neelam goes away. Dadi tells him that Neelam gets scared for Rishi, and her fear is natural, they shouldn’t stop her from going, if she wants to go for her son’s sake. He finds it odd. She tells that Neelam is just worried and acting like that. She asks how will they prepare for Lakshmi’s marriage without Rishi and Neelam. He tells that he is Lakshmi’s Bau ji and will do the best for her.

Lakshmi is with Vikrant. Vikrant and his family wish that Lakshmi becomes a part of their lives. Lakshmi gets hurt. Vikrant asks her if is she okay. She tells that a thorn has got pierced in her foot. Saloni asks Vikrant to remove the thorn from Lakshmi’s foot. Vikrant helps out Lakshmi. Saloni also cares for Lakshmi’s wound. Lakshmi gets glad to see their care. Pandit apologizes that she got hurt. She tells that she is glad that the thorn has hurt her and not someone else. Pandit blesses her to get rid of all her problems. Vikrant asks Lakshmi to hand over the cheque to the pandit.

He tells that the pandit can feed the poor. Pandit blesses Vikrant and Lakshmi’s Jodi and thinks they are husband and wife. Vikrant tells that they didn’t get married yet. Saloni tells that they will soon get married. Pandit tells that Lakshmi is a pure soul and that everything will happen well. Saloni tells that they shall plan the roka. Vikrant’s mom Anjana tells that she will talk to Virender and fix the Roka date. They are glad to see Vikrant and Lakshmi sharing a moment. Vikrant tells that he can hold her hand and support her. She says that she can manage. Anjana likes their beautiful jodi. Saloni agrees.

Karishma wonders why did Neelam decide to go on a yatra suddenly. Neelam meets her. Karishma asks her why did she take such a decision, and why is she leaving when she is needed by everyone. Neelam tells that she is sure the family can handle the preparations well. Karishma doesn’t want to get involved in the preparations. Neelam tells that Ayush will handle it. Karishma asks her why is she going away. She wants to know the matter. The same question troubles Rishi. Rishi wants to know what is Neelam hiding. Ayush enquires about Lakshmi. Rishi tells that she would be in her room. Ayush tells that Lakshmi isn’t at home.

Rishi calls her. He worries when she doesn’t take the call. He collides with Dadi. She asks him why is he rushing. He asks for Lakshmi. She tells that Lakshmi has gone out with Vikrant and his family, they took her to a temple for a charity ritual and she will come back in some time. She asks why was he looking for her. He tells that he just wanted to find out where is she. She tells that she thought he is going to stop Lakshmi’s marriage. He tells that he won’t stop the marriage because he is happy for her. She asks him to take care of Neelam on the trip. Ayush makes Rishi realize that none can be better than him Lakshmi. Vikrant takes care of Lakshmi. He tells that she is very brave.

Karishma tells that she knows the matter is big, so Neelam is so tense. Neelam gets a call from Anjana. Anjana asks Neelam if they can keep Lakshmi and Vikrant’s Roka tomorrow. Neelam asks her to go ahead. She tells that she is going to Tirat Yatra with Rishi, they will come back before marriage, and the family members will be there to make arrangements. Anjana asks how will they manage it without Neelam. Neelam tells that it’s important for her to go and fulfill a mannat. She asks Anjana to keep the Roka tomorrow. Anjana wishes her a happy and safe journey. Neelam asks Karishma to handle everything.

Karishma agrees and asks her to share the tension. Anjana tells Saloni that Neelam is going on a trip, but asked them to go ahead with the Roka function. She asks Saloni not to worry. She tells that the roka will take place tomorrow. Karishma asks Neelam to not reveal anything if she wishes. Neelam tells that there is nothing she is hiding. She thanks Karishma for always standing by her. She tells Karishma about Pandit Badrinath’s prediction about Lakshmi’s Kundali dosh. She tells that Lakshmi will get threatened, her life will get attacked again and she may die. Karishma is shocked to know the matter.

She feels Lakshmi has complicated their lives. Neelam tells that Rishi can fall prey if he is with Lakshmi at the time of the attack. She wants to secure her son. She tells that Rishi must be away from Lakshmi. Karishma tells that they will not lose Rishi. She understands the reason for Neelam’s decision. Neelam tells that Malishka failed to keep Rishi away from Lakshmi. She feels only she can keep him away from Lakshmi. She adds she is taking Rishi on the trip so that he doesn’t stay close to Lakshmi. They realize that someone has overheard their conversation.


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