Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update Prachi woes

Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update Prachi woes

Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update Prachi woes. Dida and Pallavi ask the orphanage lady to leave Khushi. The lady asks them not to teach her work. Aryan tells that he will call the police if she hurts Khushi. The lady tells that she is just doing her work. She scolds Khushi and asks her to come with her, else she will not let her meet Ranbir. She drags Khushi with her. Ranbir tells that he will not leave. Meera and her husband Satish think Ranbir is mad to get adamant. Satish tells that they can’t give the child to every person who comes for adoption. He adds that one has to qualify the rules. He doesn’t believe that Khushi is Ranbir’s real daughter. Ranbir tells that its true, Khushi is his daughter and its his fate, he has lost Khushi in the childhood and got her back after many years.

Pallavi explains that its very true, Khushi is indeed his daughter. Meera asks why did he not tell them the truth before. Dida tells that he wanted to hide the truth. Meera asks from who does he want to hide it. Ranbir is hiding it from Prachi. He tells that Khushi is his daughter and he will take her. Satish tells that he won’t believe it. Ranbir tells that he will get the DNA reports. Satish tells that the reports can be compromised. He doesn’t want to give the child to Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he will sue them and see how they keep him away from his child. Meera tells that his anger, madness and frustration prove that he isn’t deserving to become a parent, and this is the reason they won’t give Khushi to her.


Ranbir asks who is she to judge him and how can he keep Khushi away from him. Pallavi calms down Ranbir and takes him along. She tells that they will go and find a solution for this problem. Prachi doesn’t want to eat anything. Dadi tells that Prachi has to be strong and bring Khushi home. Sahana weeps seeing Prachi and Dadi cry. She tells that they are her strength, if they fall weak and cry, then she can’t tolerate it. Prachi consoles Sahana. She tells that if everything went fine, then Khushi would have got home by now. She gets crying and tells that she wanted to decorate the house and surprise her daughter, but nothing happened. Sahana tells that Khushi would be in much pain and crying without Prachi.

She adds that both Prachi and Khushi are missing each other. Dadi tells that they should stay strong for Khushi’s sake. Prachi agrees. Pallavi and Dida try to explain Ranbir. He tells that he is a good person and he qualifies to become a good father. He adds that he is fulfilling all the requirements of the adoption. He asks why didn’t they say anything to Meera. Pallavi asks him to stop it and listen to her. She tells that Meera and Satish aren’t believing him, just because of his anger. She explains that his anger will make him lose Khushi. She tells that they will label him wrong and incapable to handle a child.

She advises him to calm his anger. Ranbir meets the lawyer. The lawyer tells that Aryan has updated him about the adoption issue. Ranbir tells that his separation shouldn’t be an issue. The lawyer tells that the adoption won’t be possible if he stays separated from his wife, because his secured present and future matters in such a case. He asks Ranbir what does he want. Ranbir wants to sue the orphanage staff. The lawyer tells that its not a big deal for him, but it will take time and the orphanage can permit someone else for Khushi’s adoption. He asks Ranbir is he okay if he loses Khushi. Ranbir asks how can he say that. He asks the lawyer to find some way. Khushi looks for Ranbir. She doesn’t find him.

She tells the lady that she wants to go to Shiv. The lady tells that Shiv isn’t there. Khushi doesn’t obey the lady’s command. The lady scolds her for disobeying her and locks her to the dark room as a punishment. Khushi shouts that Ranbir is her dad. She weeps and asks someone to help her out. Prachi imagines Khushi with her. Akshay meets her and asks the matter. Prachi tells that she wants Khushi, but the orphanage head refused to give Khushi to her. She asks him to get Khushi to her. She pleads with him and asks for a big favor. She faints in his arms. Akshay asks Dadi what had happened to Prachi.

Dadi tells that Prachi is longing for her daughter Khushi. She adds that she had given a sleeping pill to Prachi to put her mind at rest. Akshay cares for Prachi. Khushi gets scared by darkness. She finds a window there. She runs to find some way out. She gets hurt. Prachi wakes up and worries for Khushi. She tells that Khushi might be waiting for her. Sahana tells that Khushi won’t like to see a weak mother in Prachi. She pacifies Prachi and asks her not to meet Khushi tonight.

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