Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya’s revenge

Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya's revenge

Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya’s revenge. Mehta and his associates praise Rajveer for his smartness in bagging the deal. Mehta tells that Karan lost his confidence, because of Rajveer’s amazing speech. He asks Rajveer to take the company car and enjoy the day. Karan is upset recalling Rajveer’s words. He wonders what is Rajveer’s agenda. Rishabh asks him to chill. Karan tells that something is fishy. He wants to find out the matter. Rishabh asks him to smile and fix everything. Karan takes the car in reverse. Rishabh scolds Mehta’s driver for hitting their car. Rajveer gets down the car. Karan asks Rajveer about the company vehicle. Rajveer tells that he had come for the company work.

Karan tells that he will handle the repair expenses because Mehta can cut the money from Rajveer’s pay. Rajveer asks Karan to keep his money safe, after all, he had lost the land deal. He taunts Karan’s huge loss. He tells that Karan would need money when he sinks into losses. Karan tells that Rajveer has some grudge against him. Rishabh doesn’t think so. Karan is very sure of it. Shaurya goes to his car. Sandy asks him if is he angry. Shaurya asks Sandy why is he irritating him. He tells that he won’t bring Preeta between Rajveer and his clash. He gets angry thinking of Palki.


Shaurya meets Sanju and his girlfriend. Sanju tells that he got some beer. Shaurya tells that his family doesn’t force him to visit temples. He asks Sandy not to tell anything further. They enjoy the beer. They play the music and dance on the streets. Shaurya tells that they will have a challenge now, they will compete and throw the beer bottles in the dustbin. Palki finds Shaurya and his friends creating a mess. She goes to stop Shaurya. She tells that he is standing outside the Gurudwara and breaking the rules. She tells that he can’t drink or play music outside the Gurudwara. She scolds Shaurya’s friends also.

She asks them not to throw trash. She calls them spoilt brats. She wants to teach them manners. She feels it’s useless to talk to them. She cleans the trash and goes away. Sandy asks Shaurya why didn’t he say anything to Palki. Shaurya tells that he will make Palki regret her actions. He adds that he will hurt Palki and Rajveer together. He tells that he will make a big plan. On the other hand, Rajveer comes home and shares his happiness with Preeta. He tells her how he has won the deal in the auction by using his sharp mind. He adds that he has defeated the rival company. He tells that he has impressed his boss and the day was really good. Khurana comes to meet Gurpreet and asks her for help in Palki’s engagement preparations.

Rajveer gets upset with this news. Khurana thanks him for supporting Palki. Rajveer tells that he would have done this for anyone. Preeta tells that they will go to the temple to thank Bappa for helping Rajveer. Gurpreet tells that she will get the kheer for Khurana. Rishabh knows Karan wants to comment on Rajveer. He asks what is it. Karan shares his thoughts about Rajveer.

He tells that everything in life isn’t a coincidence. He asks how did Rajveer come into their lives suddenly, he didn’t leave their lives, he is still there and he is creating trouble for them, Shaurya got arrested and humiliated because of Rajveer, and Shaurya and Rajveer hate each other, Rajveer ready to attack Shaurya always, he is attacking Karan Luthra’s business to attack Shaurya’s business and he has the motive to take revenge on Shaurya.

He wants to find out Rajveer’s motives. He feels that Rajveer is against Shaurya because he wants to take revenge on him/Karan. He feels Rajveer hates him, so he is trying to harm Shaurya. Rishabh asks him not to think so much. Karan finds Rajveer a grey person. He tells Rishabh that they have to go to a meeting. Preeta takes Rajveer to the temple and asks him to thank Bappa. Rajveer thanks Bappa for strengthening him to defeat his mother’s enemies. Preeta asks him who is Shrishti’s enemy. He denies his words.

She tells that they will go to Palki’s house and help her family with the engagement preparations. Sandy asks Shaurya what will he do. Shaurya tells that it’s Palki’s engagement tomorrow, and they shall spoil it. He adds that Palki should spend the night out of her home, which will get her defamed in front of everyone. He makes an evil plan.


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