New track in YRKKH Abhinav versus Abhimanyu

New track in YRKKH Abhinav versus Abhimanyu

New track in YRKKH Abhinav versus Abhimanyu. Abhinav chooses his self-respect when Goenkas offer him an easy and high-paying job in their company. Kairav, Manish, and Suhasini feel proud of Abhinav, who didn’t compromise on his values. Abhinav and Akshara stay strong, knowing the fight will go long. Abhinav takes a car on rent. He tells Akshara that he has taken the car on rent, and now he will run his cab on the roads in Udaipur. He is astonished when he drops Nishta at the Birla house. Nishta doesn’t have the money to pay the cab fare. She asks Abhimanyu to pay the fare and the driver is waiting outside.

Abhimanyu is shocked to find Abhinav there. He learns that Abhinav has taken this step to earn money for Abhir. Abhinav asks him to add a one rupee coin to the fare, the coin will be shagun for his son and it will be good. Abhimanyu gives the coin as shagun but adds that he will pray Abhinav’s every wish gets fulfilled, except his wish of making Abhir and him away.



Chini tries to find about Imlie from Kairi. She gets close to seeing Imlie at the summer camp but there is a hit-and-miss. Later in the track, Imlie finds Kairi missing and goes in search of her. Kairi falls into a deep pit, while Imlie looks for her. Kairi asks Imlie to rescue her. She feels scared. Imlie rushes to get help for Kairi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein:

Vinayak gets happy on receiving a birthday party and expects Virat to get Pakhi back. Amba asks Sai and Satya to attend Vinayak’s birthday party. Sai gifts a gold chain to her son. She wishes him on his birthday. She blesses her son to have a long life and achieve much happiness. Vinayak thanks, Sai. Bhavani gets agitated seeing Satya. She asks them to get the cake-cutting done soon and makes Satya leave. Sai doesn’t like Satya receiving hatred from Virat and Bhavani. Vinayak asks Virat about Pakhi. Virat fails to find Pakhi. He grows worried for Pakhi.


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