Anupama Upcoming new entry brings inspiring track

Anupama Upcoming new entry brings inspiring track

Anupama Upcoming new entry brings inspiring track. Vanraj apologizes to Anupama after realizing the wrong he did in his life. Vanraj returns home. He gets glad to have Anupama with him. He tells that he wants to confess something. He shares his fears with her. He tells that he feels anything can happen to him anytime and he is scared for his family. He isn’t scared for his life, but for his parents and children. He asks Anupama to take the responsibility of his family. He tells that he can only trust her and nobody else. He asks her to promise him that she will look after his family if anything happens to him. She falls into a dilemma.

Later, Anupama tells Kanta about her dream dance teacher, Malti Devi. She adds that Kinjal didn’t tell her, but gave her name for admission in Malti Devi’s Gurukul. She never imagines that she will go and meet Malti Devi, and learn dance from her. She takes Bhairavi along. She gets hugely amazed on meeting Malti Devi.



Tanisha and Faltu challenge each other about Ayaan’s release from jail. Tanisha doesn’t think Faltu can teach her a lesson by doing foolish things. Faltu lies to her that she was just concerned for Tanisha’s good health. She tells that she can’t mess up with Tanisha, who holds the right to their house. Sid knows Faltu is just pulling their leg. He doesn’t want to waste more time. Faltu makes a plan to search Tanisha, Sid, and Sumitra’s room so that she can find proof. She meets a lawyer who can take Ayaan’s case and help him. She begs him to take the case. The lawyer quotes his high fees and refuses to take the case. He doesn’t think Mittals can pay his fees when they have nothing left in their hands. Faltu impresses the lawyer by playing an amazing shot of golf. She convinces him to fight Ayaan’s case.


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