New leap in Anupama Top twists in YRKKH

New leap in Anupama Top twists in YRKKH

New leap in Anupama Top twists in YRKKH. Abhimanyu doesn’t want to lose Ruhi and Abhir. He loves both of them equally. Akshara doesn’t want her poverty to bring problems for her. She is hopeful that Abhinav will handle everything and always have the key to their family’s happiness. Abhinav feels discouraged when he thinks he can’t manage Abhir’s treatment, education, and good living. He knows Abhimanyu can give everything to Abhir. He feels hugely upset when he feels Abhir’s life will lack the necessities. Akshara doesn’t want Abhinav to lose his heart.

Abhinav stands on his feet to save his esteem and prove to be a capable father for Abhir. He begins to run a cab service to earn money. Abhinav and Abhimanyu get into a war of words. Abhimanyu prays that Abhinav doesn’t snatch his son. Abhinav tells that his son is very precious to him and he can never leave him at any cost. He clears to Abhimanyu that he will fight for Abhir till the end.



Anupama tells Vanraj that she will take care of his parents after him. He remembers his mistake of breaking Anupama’s dream. He wants Anupama to pursue her dreams and fly high. Anupama and Bhairavi reach Malti Devi’s Gurukul. They want to step towards their success. Anupama also aims to shape Bhairavi’s future. They are amazed to meet Malti Devi. Malti tells Anupama that her Gurukul is in the US. She offers a contract of three years to Anupama and asks her to sign it only if she can break the ties of her relationship. She makes the conditions clear in front of Anupama.

Samar tells the family about Anuj’s message. He adds that Anuj is coming to attend Dimpy and his marriage, and also getting Maya and Anu along. Anupama is doubtful about signing the contract. Malti tells that a new life awaits Anupama in the US. Vanraj supports Anupama in her new endeavors and feels it’s a way to get rid of his guilt for doing wrong with Anupama in the past. A new short leap will be introduced in the track.


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