1 Past twist in Anupama hints Malti Anuj connect

1 Past twist in Anupama hints Malti Anuj connect

1 Past twist in Anupama hints at Malti Anuj connect. Anupama meets her ideal dance Guru Malti Devi. She finds Malti Devi performing with her students and tries to catch up with the steps. Anupama happily cries and is touched seeing Malti’s graceful dance performance. She applauds Malti’s performance, which causes a disturbance in the class. Bhairavi is scared seeing Malti Devi’s sharp eyes. Anupama gets directed towards Malti. She is Malti’s huge fan and feels her wish has turned true that she got a chance to meet her idol. She falls to Malti’s feet to take her blessings and give her respect. Malti tells that she isn’t Anupama’s teacher. Anupama impresses her by her talks.

She tells that relationships don’t fade away when people stay away. Malti reacts when Anupama names a relationship between a mother and child like Malti’s weak point is triggered. Vanraj pities his condition and laughs at himself. He feels there are many problems in his life. He wishes Anupama’s life gets back on the right track and just good happens to her. Anupama tells that she is Anuj Kapadia’s wife. Malti tells her that she has seen Anupama’s dance videos, and she liked them. Anupama thanks her for shortlisting her. She tells that she has learned dance by watching Malti’s dance videos. She feels like she is sitting in a temple and meeting her Goddess.


She gifts a handkerchief on which she has made embroidery as Malti would prefer. Malti tells that one donates things as per their own choice, but when it comes to giving a gift to a teacher, then the teacher’s choice should be known. She calls it Guru Dakshina. She tells that she just wants good practice and commitment from her students. She doesn’t accept the gift. She asks Anupama to dance and show her skills. She wants to know what Anupama has learned from her. Anupama feels nervous. Malti tells that she is given a chance to Anupama to show her dance skills, talent, and art. Anupama lacks confidence.

Malti asks her to watch someone’s dance as a student and then dance like a teacher. She tells that Anupama must dance on her saying if she holds potential. Malti tells that she wants to support Anupama’s talent. She is ready to watch her dance performance. Anupama tells that she is ready to perform. Malti gives her 5 minutes and tells her that she wants to see a dance act, which touches her heart and proves Anupama’s real talent. Anupama rushes to prove herself as a capable dancer. She impresses Malti with her talent. Malti offers a contract to Anupama and asks her to sign it only if she can get rid of the baggage of her family bonds. What is Malti Devi’s connection with Anuj? Stay tuned to find the big twist coming that reveals Anuj’s past.


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