Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2023 Written Update Prachi confronts Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2023 Written Update Prachi confronts Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2023 Written Update Prachi confronts Ranbir. The Kohlis wait for Khushi to come back home. Vikram tells that grandchildren are dearer than children. He asks Dida not to tell Ranbir that he loves Khushi more than him. Rhea opens the door for Ranbir and Khushi. Khushi asks her to lock the door. Ranbir asks her not to worry. He tells the family that the police are looking for Khushi. He informs that the orphanage has filed the missing complaint. Rhea tells that they will get arrested because the police will blame them for keeping Khushi illegally. She asks who will come to save them if they get trapped. She tells that someone who knows the truth can help them. She suggests that they have to tell the truth to Prachi. Ranbir tells her that they can’t tell the truth to Prachi.

She asks what will they do. He asks Khushi to trust her, she will never go to the orphanage’s dark room again, but she has to go to the orphanage for a few days until he comes there and brings her home. Khushi refuses to go back. She asks him to send her to Prachi’s house. She reveals that Prachi also came to adopt her. The Kohlis are shocked to know this. Meera tells Prachi that Ranbir came to adopt Khushi. She tells that she rejected his form because he is also separated from his wife, he got mad in anger, threatened of suing the orphanage, and said he is Khushi’s biological father. She thinks Ranbir has lied about Khushi.


She tells that Ranbir said he got a DNA test done and he will get the report to show them. Prachi is shocked to know this. Meera tells that she is responsible to take care of the kids. She adds that Prachi is perfect, but she is separated, so she can’t get the child. She explains the orphanage rules. She tells that a married couple can adopt a child, but a separated couple can’t. Ranbir asks Khushi if Prachi had come. Khushi tells that Prachi had come to adopt her, but then she left suddenly. Prachi realizes that Ranbir has also learned the truth about Khushi. She misjudges him again. She doesn’t see her mistake and gets angered that he didn’t tell the truth to her. Ranbir tells that Prachi knew the truth, but didn’t tell him.

He tells that he is feeling guilty and that Prachi has tricked him. Rhea tells that Prachi might not be knowing it, or else she would have told her about it. Prachi wonders why didn’t Rhea tell her the truth. She leaves for Kohli’s house. The warden also follows Prachi. Ranbir tells that Prachi could have discussed adopting Khushi. Rhea asks him when does he meet Prachi and discusses things. He tells that she could have told him. She tells that it’s a sensitive topic, and it can’t be discussed in a minute. She tells him that his relationship with Prachi isn’t the same. He tells that it’s still the same.

She asks if he is serious, and how can he misunderstand Prachi. Khushi asks Ranbir not to get angry with Prachi. He tells that she has no idea about Prachi. She tells that she loves Prachi a lot. She hears the doorbell and gets scared. She asks Dida to hide her. Dida takes her to the room. Ranbir tells the family that they will act normal. Pallavi asks him to pretend busy. Vikram tells that he will also pretend to be working. Rhea opens the door and finds Prachi. Ranbir is stunned to see Prachi. Khushi is scared that the orphanage people will come and take her. Dida hides Khushi. Dadi and Sahana look for Prachi. The warden informs Meera that Prachi has gone to meet Khushi, and they both might be having Khushi with them. Prachi meets Ranbir and confronts him about his lie.


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