Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update Stern Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update Stern Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update Stern Prachi. Avni asks Prachi why is she looking into the same room again and again. She tells that they have already checked the room thoroughly and Khushi isn’t there. Prachi tells that the room belongs to Ranbir’s mom Pallavi. She tells that Pallavi can do anything to see her son happy. Dida is afraid that Prachi will find Khushi. She asks Ranbir isn’t he able to see what’s happening. She asks was it less that Prachi has got another problem to trouble them. The police reach there to search for Khushi. Khushi gets scared and gets up from her place. She looks around to know what’s happening. Keep reading for a quick written update on Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2023.

Radha Mohan:


Kadambari is shocked by Damini’s crime confession. She asks Damini what did she do. Damini cries and tells that she didn’t kill Radha. She pretends innocent. Kadambari asks her not to lie to her. Damini tells that she told that just to please Kadambari’s ears. She pleads her innocence. She tells that she is unwell and she is handling her problems. She asks Kadambari how can she blame her. Kadambari demands the answers. Damini acts innocent. Radha finds a way to save herself. Damini fakes her concern for Radha. She scolds the office boy when he tells her about the broken CCTV cameras.

Kadambari tells that she will not believe Damini’s lies. She gives her a last chance and asks her to tell her about Radha’s whereabouts. She tells that she will call Mohan and tell the entire truth. Rohan wishes Mohan helps her out. She recalls Mohan’s words. Mohan asks Gungun not to worry. He calls up Kadambari at the same time when she tries to call him. He answers Kadambari’s call. She asks him if Radha has come home. He says no. She tells that Radha is missing and she isn’t in the office. Mohan worriedly asks about Radha. Kadambari informs Mohan that Radha is missing, and she feels Damini is involved.

Mohan and Gungun get mad at Damini. They ask Damini what did they do with Radha. Mohan asks Damini what did she do and whether is Radha okay. Gungun tells that if Radha doesn’t come home, then she won’t let Damini come home either. Gungun thinks Damini has harmed Radha. Damini tells Mohan that she is innocent, but Kadambari is blaming her. He tells that his mom won’t blame her without any solid reason. He asks her to tell him about Radha. Radha tries to shut the cold storage inlet valve. Damini tells that she is innocent, and she has proof of this. Tulsi tells Mohan that Damini is lying. She gets scared for Radha’s life.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update Stern Prachi:

Prachi tells that she will look for Khushi herself. She checks Ranbir’s room and doesn’t find her. She gets angry at Avni for punishing Khushi. Avni apologizes to her and feels ashamed of her actions. She tells that she wants to fix things. Prachi tells that she doesn’t have a big heart to forgive the person who does wrong with her child. She doesn’t forgive Avni. Avni asks why is she checking the same room again. Prachi tells that it’s Pallavi’s room, she is a mother and loves her son a lot, she can do anything for his sake and she can lie too. Avni tells that she will find Khushi at any cost. Khushi looks for Dida. Ranbir asks Dida what’s the matter. Dida tells that she has already told him.

Khushi overhears their talks. Dida tells that Prachi has come to find Khushi. Khushi runs away from there. Dida tells that Prachi has filed a missing report. Ranbir tells that Prachi is wrong and she does this always. She wants her to not jump to conclusions. Dida asks him not to get hyper. She tells that Khushi will always be with them. Prachi looks for Khushi. She hopes to find Khushi. Khushi watches Prachi from afar and smiles. She sees Ranbir coming to speak to Prachi. She likes their jodi. Ranbir sees Khushi behind and stops Prachi from seeing her. Khushi wants to go to Prachi but stops when she sees the warden.

She gets scared of Avni. Ranbir takes Khushi away with him. He hides her again. He asks her not to get scared of the warden. He tells that he will not let anyone take her away. He asks her to trust him and not go anywhere. She tells that she wants to go to Prachi. He tells that she can’t go to Prachi. She asks if Prachi is with the orphanage staff. He says yes. He asks her not to come in front of Prachi. He sends her to hide. Prachi comes there and asks him what is he doing there. Ranbir tells that he has come to spend some time alone. She asks him when did his choice get so bad. He asks Avni why is she coming there to see Prachi insulting him. He tells that Prachi can check the room herself.

He shuts the door. He tells that nobody should know about their issues. She tells that she wants to find Khushi. He tells that she is looking for Khushi so that Avni takes her away. She doesn’t tell that she wants to adopt Khushi. He asks her to say it. She accepts that she wants to catch Khushi and give her to the orphanage staff, who will take good care of her. She doesn’t tell that she will take Khushi home with her. She asks if he knows about her. He denies it. She asks him what does he want to tell her. He feels she wants to tell him something, but isn’t able to say.

Rhea tells that she will go and see. Vikram stops her. Dida asks them to behave normally. Pallavi tells that they will get misunderstood if they act much. She wants to have a balanced expression. Dida tells that they will try to be real. She adds that once Prachi goes, they will see what to do. Vikram tells that they will not say anything now. Ranbir and Prachi’s argument goes on. She tells that he has nothing to say. She doesn’t want to talk nonsense. He tells that it’s her mistake to always see profits and losses. She gets reminded of his words. She tells that she used to do everything from her heart. Khushi witnesses their argument further and doesn’t understand much about their relationship.

Prachi tells that she knows everything. He tells that he doesn’t pretend, and just answers when he knows it. She knows what he is talking about. He tells that they shouldn’t meet from now. She thinks he wants to hide Khushi from her. Meera tells Dadi that Ranbir has kidnapped Khushi because he behaved madly when she refused him for adoption. She tells that he has come with his family, he was separated from his wife so they refused to give Khushi to him. She adds that Pallavi and Dida had to drag him outside the orphanage. Dadi and Sahana ask Meera to give Khushi to Prachi.

They praise Prachi who is very loving and caring. Prachi gets scared of darkness when the lights go off. She hugs Ranbir. Khushi watches them. Ranbir thinks Khushi isn’t scared of darkness, but Prachi is. She asks if Khushi is hiding there. Ranbir stops Prachi and hugs her.


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