Top 5 Twists Bhagya Lakshmi Imlie GHKPM

Top 5 Twists Bhagya Lakshmi Imlie GHKPM

Top 5 Twists Bhagya Lakshmi Imlie GHKPM. Vikrant and Lakshmi’s dinner date gets hindered because of Rishi and Malishka. They are announced as the lucky couple of the evening. Rishi is stunned to see them. Malishka doesn’t like to see Lakshmi winning all the applause. Rishi tries to keep Malishka calm. Vikrant and Lakshmi get wonderful surprises from the restaurant’s side, which Malishka wanted. Rishi is in his dilemma seeing Vikrant’s bonding with Lakshmi.

Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein:


Virat tells Sai that he will not run away, he has handled such situations many times, and he knows how to defuse the live rocket. Sai wants him to go out for the sake of their children, who are waiting for them at home. She gets emotional and fears losing Virat. Virat refuses to leave. He tells that nothing will happen to them and they will go back home to their children. He assures them that he won’t let anything happen to her. He asks her if she trusts him. She shows her faith. Virat asks Satya and Sai not to worry for their safety. Satya feels guilty to come between them, and wonders if he has fallen in love with Sai. Sai and Satya assist Virat. They learn that the bomb is too massive, and can blast the hospital and nearby buildings as well.


Rudra is shocked to see Chini. He asks her how is Kairi related to her. She tells that Kairi is her daughter. Rudra overhears Chini and Atharv’s conversation and goes to see. He is moved to find Atharv alive. Atharv tells that he will always keep Kairi away from his family’s negative world. He adds that Chini and Kairi are his worlds, and he will protect them. Rudra thinks to tell Imlie that Atharv is alive. He gets confused. Chini isn’t scared of Rudra’s coming.

Pandya Store:

Gautam lies to Shiva. He tells that Shiva has married Pandya store because of his immense love and dedication. Shiva can’t believe the fake story. Dhara’s past returns to her life. She comes across Arushi and asks her to find out about the guy well because marriage isn’t an easy task. Arushi hates Dhara and wishes that she doesn’t meet her again. Dhara’s new enemy is ready to add up more drama to the Pandya store.


Faltu tells that Tanu has no proof against her, and she can’t frame her for the theft of the important files. Tanu raises her hand at her, but Faltu warns her. She tells that she will not tell anyone about the important files, and directly take it to court. Faltu acts smart and sends the files to the court when Tanu hires the goons and hinders her.


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