Anupama Anuj dramatic return surprising twist

Anupama Anuj dramatic return surprising twist

Anupama Anuj dramatic return surprising twist. Anupama informs the family about her huge achievement. The family is very happy for her and wishes her all the best. Leela asks Anupama when will she begin Samar’s marriage preparations if she gets busy with her dance classes. She tells that Anupama will have her dreams for Samar’s marriage. She adds that Anupama’s blessings are important for Samar. Samar tells that it’s important, but Anupama will fly first. Anupama’s children support her. Anupama is very happy to get their support. Leela tells that Vanraj and she had stopped Anupama from flying high, but Anupama just go this time. Anupama gets emotional because Leela is happy for her. Vanraj tells that Anupama can go without any worry. Anupama’s dreams get awakened.

The family wishes Anupama fulfills her dreams and makes them proud. Dimpy gets Anuj’s message. Anupama asks her what’s the matter. Samar reads Anuj’s message and tells them that Anuj has messaged Dimpy about his arrival with Maya and Anu to attend the marriage. Anupama loses heart after hearing this news. Leela reminds Samar about the evening puja. She tells that some guests will be coming too. Anupama tells that even Anuj will be coming to the puja. Anupama gets decked up to attend Samar’s first function. She comes across Anuj and turns emotional. Anuj smiles seeing her. Is this Anupama’s dream or reality? Keep reading.


Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Nayantara and Kashvi make a cake for Arjun’s birthday. They want to make his day special. He tells that he will meet them at midnight. Samrat gets into trouble when the police arrive to arrest him for the shop fire incident. Samrat doesn’t accept the false accusation and tells that he is innocent. He denies knowing anything about it. The investors get upset with Samrat and question his motives.


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