YRKKH 16th May 2023 Written Update Aarohi confession

YRKKH 16th May 2023 Written Update Aarohi confession

YRKKH 16th May 2023 Written Update Aarohi confession. Manjiri is disappointed with Aarohi for asking Abhir to leave. She tells that Aarohi is Abhir’s Maasi, and she did wrong to tell Abhir that Ruhi won’t talk to him if he talks to Abhimanyu. She asks him to think of Abhimanyu, who got his son after a long time. She tells that Aarohi has no right to make them away. Aarohi expresses her disappointment. She tells that she has no rights in the family and she is just having namesake relationships. She adds that Abhimanyu and Manjiri have not discussed anything with her like they forgot Ruhi and can’t see her breaking heart. She tells that it’s all about Abhir for them. She adds that she can’t teach anything wrong to Abhir.

She explains that she has explained the same thing to Abhir which she would have explained to Ruhi. She tells that Abhimanyu is Ruhi’s father, and they can’t expect Ruhi to understand. She adds that they are breaking hearts for their selfish gains. She tells that Abhir will be heartbroken too when he learns the truth. She blasts her anger. She tells that she is silent since she got to know Abhir is Abhimanyu’s son. She reveals that she learned the truth on Gangaur eve, and tried to send Akshara and Abhinav to the US. Manjiri turns upset knowing Aarohi knew this already. Aarohi confesses that she knew it.


Manjiri asks her how can she do this. She asks her if she has kept their relationship truly and that she chose to hide the truth. She blames her for hiding the truth. Abhimanyu and his family hear Manjiri yelling at Aarohi and rush to learn the matter. Manjiri tells that Aarohi knew Abhir’s truth and kept it a secret. Aarohi gets caught. On the other hand, Surekha blames Muskaan for drinking alcohol. Abhinav doesn’t want to hear anything against Muskaan. Kairav tells that Muskaan didn’t drink on her own, the office girls spiked the juice drink and took revenge on her. Manish asks him not to call Muskaan to his office.

Muskaan tells that Kairav has saved her. Surekha asks her why did she go to give the file to Kairav. Muskaan confesses that Kairav and she like each other. The family is surprised to know her feelings for Kairav. Kairav refuses to accept his feelings. He tells Muskaan that he doesn’t like her. Muskaan misunderstands his concern. Kairav clears her misunderstanding. Abhinav asks him why is he lying. Akshara tells that it’s not Kairav and Muskaan’s mistake. Kairav tells that he was speaking about Neela’s gift, and he made Raghav away because Raghav was the wrong guy for her.

He admits that he cares for her because she is Abhinav’s sister. He doesn’t believe in relationships, love, and marriage. He makes an apology. Muskaan gets heartbroken. Manjiri accuses Aarohi of not becoming her daughter and pretending till now. Abhimanyu asks Aarohi why she cheats on them. She accuses him of cheating on Ruhi by breaking her promise. She gets angry that he is hurting Ruhi by avoiding her. She justifies her actions. She blames Abhimanyu for not being fair. She tells that she wanted to tell the truth to him, but she was scared for her daughter. She adds that she couldn’t see her daughter’s breaking heart.

She doesn’t think she has done anything wrong. She feels he doesn’t see Ruhi when it comes to Abhir. She tells that his love and passion are limitless. She blames Manjiri for not sharing their pain. She tells that they won’t care if Ruhi leaves their house. She calls them selfish and wrong. She tells that they are doing wrong by getting Abhir’s custody, he won’t be able to fit in their house and he will suffer. She tells Abhimanyu that Abhir will stay happy with Akshara and Abhinav. She exclaims that she will never accept Abhir, and wishes Abhimanyu never gets his custody. Manjiri calls it enough. She asks Aarohi not to curse them. She angrily scolds Aarohi for being so thankless. She tells that Aarohi can’t hide a mistake.

Aarohi tells that Manjiri is also making a mistake to claim Abhir’s custody just to snatch him from Akshara. She asks her to remember, Abhir will never stay happy without his mother. Manjiri asks Aarohi why is she eyeing their happiness. She adds that Abhir is coming home because it’s his own house. Aarohi decides to leave the house and take Ruhi away. She tells that her decision is final, and Manjiri can bring Abhir home. She feels nobody cares for Ruhi’s happiness, but she will fight for it.

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