YRKKH 17th May 2023 Written Update Fate regret

YRKKH 17th May 2023 Written Update Fate regret

YRKKH 17th May 2023 Written Update Fate regret. Aarohi packs her bags while recollecting Manjiri’s words. Abhimanyu confronts her for not telling him about Abhir. She tells that even he didn’t tell her the truth when he has no reason like her. He doesn’t think that she needs to come between Ruhi and him. He tells that Ruhi is his daughter. He didn’t wish to hurt anyone. She tells that he has hurt everyone. She asks him not to tell Goenkas that she left the house. She doesn’t want them to worry for her when they are already worried about Abhir’s custody. Akshara tries to pacify Muskaan. Kairav gets Muskaan’s gift and learns his note. He feels sorry for her. Goenkas worry for Kairav and Muskaan.

They didn’t know what is Muskaan thinking about Kairav. Surekha tells that Muskaan appears simple, but she is clever. She defends Kairav. She asks Manish to see the truth and not ignore it like before. Neela asks Abhinav how did he not know about Muskaan’s feelings. Akshara tells her that Muskaan has told her feelings, but asked her not to tell this to anyone. Abhinav tells that it’s his right to know about Muskaan’s life. Akshara tells that she didn’t get time to tell him. He tells that he is trying to earn money for his son. She asks him not to try to get equal to Abhimanyu. Aarohi wants to explain to Ruhi about leaving the house.


Abhimanyu stops her from leaving. He takes her away from Ruhi’s room. Abhinav tells that he doesn’t want to get away from Abhir. Akshara asks him to stop this madness. She doesn’t want him to run after money. He tells that money will keep his son with him and it’s important for him. He wants to give everything to Abhir. He is ready to work round the clock for his son’s sake. Abhimanyu brings Aarohi to the elders. He tells Manjiri that Aarohi and Ruhi won’t leave the house. He adds that he can’t let Ruhi leave his life for Abhir’s sake, he wants both of them and he will try to keep them together.

He makes a decision. Akshara sings the aarti. She gets emotional and bursts into tears. Abhir continues the aarti and surprises the family. She blesses him. Abhimanyu and Ruhi seek Manjiri’s blessings. Manjiri stays angry with Aarohi. He asks Aarohi to try to understand Manjiri’s emotions. Neela apologizes to Goenkas. She asks Abhinav to book Muskaan and her tickets. Akshara asks her not to decide in haste. Manish tells that they will find a solution to this problem. Neela doesn’t listen to them.

Akshara asks Abhinav to speak to Neela and stop her. Abhinav asks them not to stop Neela and Muskaan. Manish feels guilty that Muskaan is leaving her job and dreams. He asks Akshara to stop them from leaving. Neela asks Abhinav to keep the money and book the tickets. He tells that he can buy the tickets himself. She tells that he is already saving money for his son, and she doesn’t want to burden him with her responsibility. He asks her to remember, he is her son, and not break his courage. He returns the money to her. Abhinav gets a booking. Abhir asks him to play football with him. Abhinav rushes to go to work.

He looks for the car keys. Abhinav has no time to spare. He doesn’t pay attention to Abhir and this turns him upset. Akshara’s lawyer advises her to make a strategy to attack Abhimanyu’s reputation. Abhimanyu doesn’t want to make personal attacks on Abhinav and Akshara. Akshara’s lawyer asks her to think of Abhir and help him with a strategy. She wants to be fair in the fight. Both the lawyers want pointers to prove the other parent is irresponsible and undeserving. Akshara and Abhimanyu cry while missing each other in their lives. They regret the unfortunate events in their lives. Abhir gets upset that Abhinav and Akshara don’t care for him. He gets glad to meet Abhimanyu.


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