GHKPM 18th May 2023 Written Update Sai’s decision

GHKPM 18th May 2023 Written Update Sai's decision

GHKPM 18th May 2023 Written Update Sai’s decision. Satya develops feelings for Sai. He recalls the times when he felt love for her. He doesn’t want to lose her. He dreams of Sai. Sai asks him not to behave cozy with her because she isn’t comfortable. She tells that when he flirts with her and acts romantic, she doesn’t feel good. She requests Satya not to do that again. Satya doesn’t hear her words. He wakes up from sleep and gets into an emotional conversation with Sai. She tells that they all are okay now. She relieves his tension.

He realizes his feelings for Sai and wants to confess his love to her soon. Virat is also thinking of Sai. He thinks to talk to Sai. Satya sees his marriage picture. He decides to express his feelings to Sai on the eve of Vat Savitri. He thinks to give her a good gift. Maddy suggests he give a saree to Sai. Satya tells that Sai has many sarees. Maddy tells that it won’t matter if she already has many sarees. She asks him to buy a beautiful saree for Sai. He agrees with her. Virat learns about the puja and remembers his time with Sai. Vinayak gets a parcel.


He misses Pakhi and tells her that the gift has come for Pakhi, she loves sarees, but she isn’t with the family. He gets much upset. He thinks to gift the saree to Sai. He asks Virat to take him to Satya’s house so that he can meet Sai and gift her the saree. Sai keeps the fast for Satya as it’s her duty as his wife. She tells that Virat has sent a gift to her to express his love again. Sai receives the gift and falls into a dilemma. She has to choose either her duty or love. Keep reading for a full update coming shortly on GHKPM on 18th May 2023.


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