Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Wedding news

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Wedding news

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Wedding news. Rajveer brings Palki home. An old couple drops them home and advises them to get married because they suit each other a lot. The lady tells that they make a good pair, and Palki should get married to Rajveer, after leaving the guy she is getting married to. Rajveer and Palki get into an odd moment. Daljeet lies to Ketan and Jasbeer that Palki is in the storeroom. Just then, Palki makes an entry with Rajveer. Ketan questions Palki. Daljeet and Mahi pretend in front of them and make stories. Daljeet asks Palki how did she come from outside when she was in the storeroom. Mahi tells that Palki might have come from the other exit. They save Palki from questions. Daljeet tells Palki that she will get married to Ketan soon.

Rajveer gets upset with the marriage news. He is ready to assist Palki and her family with the arrangements. Mahi asks Palki to come with her and get ready. Mahi is glad that Rajveer has found Palki and brought her home. She flirts with him. She likes him a lot. She professes her love to Rajveer but gets rejected. Daljeet and Mahi get excited about Palki’s marriage. There will be big twists in the wedding track. Jasbeer tells Daljeet that they will come tomorrow for the engagement. She blesses Palki and makes a leave.


Later, Rajveer decides to reveal Palki’s kidnapping to her family if she gives her consent. Palki doesn’t want her family to get worried knowing about her kidnapping. Rajveer and Preeta make a leave. Rajveer battles with his feelings for Palki. Even Palki gets occupied with Rajveer’s thoughts. Will Palki and Rajveer realize their love and call off her wedding with Ketan? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Wedding news:

The old couple gets into a cute fight. Rajveer and Palki witness their funny banter. The old lady asks Palki if Rajveer praises her beauty. She tells that Rajveer will also change after marriage. Palki tries to say that Rajveer isn’t her boyfriend. The old man tells that Rajveer cares for his girlfriend. Rajveer and Palki’s jodi gets praised. Palki tells that they aren’t a couple, she is marrying someone else and Rajveer is just a friend. The old lady tells that she was also marrying someone else, but she married this person because he cared for her more. Rajveer and Palki admit that they care for each other, but there is no love. Rajveer clears that they just have a concern.

Palki tells that her story is different. The old lady tells that they both look lovely together and they are made for each other. Palki wishes this was true. Shaurya is upset that his plan failed. He wants to wait for the morning. He tells that everyone will be happy seeing her. He adds that he will make sure the person knows he doesn’t like him and holds fear in his eyes and heart. He hates a few people in her life. Khurana asks Daljeet how can she hide about Palki. She asks him not to worry, Palki is coming. Jasbeer tells that they are going to form one family now, and they shouldn’t hide anything.

Ketan and Jasbeer react to Palki’s matter. Khurana and Preeta get worried. Jasbeer tells that the entire society will blame Palki. Ketan tells that he has to marry Palki and doesn’t want to blame her, but give her the credit for bringing good luck into his life. Ketan tells that Palki is lucky for him and his Canada visa got approved, he got a big opportunity and he has to leave for Canada immediately after his engagement, and the marriage will happen after one year if they delay it. Daljeet asks about the marriage. Jasbeer tells that they can keep the marriage tomorrow itself. Daljeet agrees.

Jasbeer tells that they will keep the marriage functions in the morning. Daljeet happily agrees while Khurana gets unsure about Ketan. The old couple drops Rajveer and Palki home and asks them to get married. They ask Rajveer to always support Palki. Rajveer promises to always support her. The old man asks him to marry Palki if he wants to support her, or else her husband won’t like their friendship. He tells that he has seen Rajveer’s love for Palki in his eyes. Rajveer tells that his life isn’t easy and he has to do a lot in his life. The old man tells that things will keep happening, but love is a big support that solves all the problems. He tells that everything changes because of love.

The old couple wishes them all the best and leave. Rajveer cares for Palki and asks her if is she okay. She tells that she is okay. They get into a moment. Ketan asks why isn’t Palki coming. Khurana tells that she is busy with some work. Mahi tells that Palki will just come. Daljeet tells that Palki is always busy with household chores. Preeta also supports Daljeet in her lie. Daljeet praises Palki and also herself for giving such good values to her. Palki enters the house with Rajveer. The family is glad to see Palki safe. Daljeet asks how did Palki come from the front door. Mahi lies to them. Daljeet gives the good news of Palki and Ketan’s marriage happening tomorrow. Rajveer is shocked to know this. Daljeet tells that Ketan will be in Canada for a year, so he wants to prepone the marriage.

Daljeet tells that both the families have together taken this decision. Rajveer and Palki see each other. Ketan and Jasbeer leave. Daljeet asks Palki where was she and why didn’t she take their calls. Preeta asks Palki is she okay. Gurpreet also worries for Palki and asks her is she okay. Mahi asks Palki to answer them. Palki tells that she lost the way. Rajveer tells that Palki called him and informed that she lost the way, so he had gone to pick her. They hide about the kidnapping. Daljeet scolds Palki for being so foolish and losing the path. She gets angry.

Preeta asks Rajveer is Palki okay. He also doesn’t reveal anything. Shaurya tells that he has solid plans and he is so proud of himself. He makes a new plan that he will act as Palki’s lover to break her engagement. He jokes that he is missing Palki a lot. Mohit isn’t feeling good that Palki and Ketan’s marriage is going to take place in a day. Gurpreet asks them to decide their clothes for the engagement function. Mohit asks how can Ketan decide to marry on the engagement day. She tells that they can’t help it. Rajveer tells that they can’t let this happen if someone is adamant. She asks him what’s wrong with him. He tells that he is sorry.


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