Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rhea turns evil

Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rhea turns evil

Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rhea turns evil. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will stay with her at her place and take care of her because he knows she is careless and won’t rest well. Pallavi agrees with him and tells him that she doesn’t believe Prachi, who won’t take care of herself. She asks Ranbir to stay with Prachi. Rhea tells that the entire family will force Ranbir to marry her because she will create such circumstances. She tells that it’s a promise to herself, Ranbir will come to her and propose to her for marriage. Rhea turns evil again. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya on 29th May 2023.

Radha Mohan:


Inspector tells Mohan that he will get jailed for seven years. He asks if is he the same one who was accused of his wife’s murder. Mohan gets angry. Inspector asks Mohan did he disappear Radha also. Radha tries to find a way out of the cold storage. She wants to survive for the sake of Mohan and Gungun.

Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rhea turns evil:

Ranbir and his family take care of Prachi. Ranbir calls the doctor. He tells about the danger Prachi had faced. The doctor asks Prachi how is she feeling now. She tells that she is okay. Pallavi asks the doctor to examine Prachi. He tells that Prachi just needs good rest, and she will be fine by morning. Prachi gets scared when she sees the curtains moving. Ranbir relieves her. He tells that Prachi is scared of thundering noises. He shuts the window. The doctor asks Prachi to take a good sleep. Ranbir tells that he will be with Prachi and look after her. Pallavi tells that she doesn’t trust Prachi and that Ranbir should be with her. The Kohlis ask Ranbir to stay back.

Rhea is alone at Kohli house. She waits for the family. She hurts herself by mistake. Her anger gets triggered. She asks is she so bad that she doesn’t deserve any love. She tells that she has done a lot to get Ranbir’s love. She loves Prachi a lot. She tells that she has changed for the good, she wants to marry Ranbir, but Prachi is again coming back in his life. She calls Prachi wrong. She tells that its enough now, she will not tolerate anything, she will not lose Ranbir to Prachi and she will get Ranbir for herself. She expresses her love for Ranbir. She tells that she will not let Prachi snatch Ranbir from her. She doesn’t want to repeat her mistake.

She tells that Ranbir and Rhea will get back together. She adds that the family will compel Ranbir to marry her. She makes a promise to herself that Ranbir will come to her with the marriage proposal. Pallavi and Dida come back home. Rhea asks them why are they worried and where is Ranbir. Pallavi tells her about Balbeer attacking Prachi and attempting to kill her, but Ranbir has saved Prachi in time. Dida tells that Ranbir has stayed back for Prachi’s care. Rhea acts sweet and tells that she would have sent Ranbir back to Prachi if he had come home. She asks if she can go and meet Prachi.

Pallavi tells that Rhea doesn’t need any permission to meet her sister. Rhea gets deceptive again. Ranbir asks Prachi to have medicines and take rest. She asks him what does he want to prove by this caring gesture. He tells that she knows the answer, why he is doing this, because he is a kind man, its not very easy to take care of her and he is still there to handle her. He adds that he knows her well, she didn’t change so her habits won’t change either. He asks her to sleep and switches off the lights. She tells that he should have gone to his house. He refuses to go home until Balbeer gets jailed. He tells that he won’t take any risk at night. He assures that he will go in the morning.

Prachi feels at peace when Ranbir is with her. She feels safe with him. He asks her to close eyes and sleep. Sahana knows they love each other and wishes they get back together. Rhea meets Aaliya outside the Kohli house. She tells that she loves Aaliya and wants to share her feelings with her. She regrets that nobody loves her, when she loves them. She calls them cheaters. She tells that she loves Ranbir and also his family, she is such a fool to believe them, but they are backstabbing her. Aaliya asks her why is she so sad. Rhea tells that the family has left Ranbir at Prachi’s place, they want Ranbir and Prachi to stay together and unite. Aaliya tells that she had already alerted her.

She asks Rhea to change, because its time. Rhea needs some time to think. She feels she can’t ruin her loved ones. Aaliya asks her to take some time. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi will unite, and Rhea will get thrown out. Rhea asks how can she be sure of this. Aaliya tells that she knows everything, Ranbir has stayed back with Prachi because he has feelings for her, and he is falling in love with her. She asks Rhea to wait for Ranbir. Rhea asks her to stop troubling her. She wants peace in her life. She feels she made a mistake to call Aaliya. She runs away. Aaliya tells that she should stay back in Kohli house and bring a storm to ruin Prachi.


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