Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Update Wedding wager

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Update Wedding wager

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Update Wedding wager. Ranbir and Prachi reach the orphanage and meet Meera. They want to adopt Khushi. Ranbir tells Meera that he wants to adopt Khushi and take her to his home. Meera tells that she is aware of Prachi and his wish, they both can become good parents for Khushi, and they can adopt Khushi, but on the condition that they get married and have a spouse to complete their family. She adds that she will allow them to adopt Khushi, but the one who gets married first can adopt Khushi. Meera’s condition shocks Ranbir and Prachi.

Rhea also reaches the orphanage and learns about Meera’s condition. She tells that Akshay loves Prachi a lot and is eager to marry her, he had proposed to her many times and Prachi might consider him for marriage to get Khushi. She is very happy that Akshay is taking Prachi away from Ranbir. She tells that she will also propose to Ranbir and make him agree for Khushi’s sake. Ranbir and Prachi fall into a big dilemma and leave the orphanage to find a solution. Prachi meets Akshay and tells him her decision. She agrees to marry Akshay. Prachi and Akshay’s wedding track is next in the show. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023.


Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Update Wedding wager:

Akshay promises Prachi that he will get Khushi to her in one day. He asks her not to worry, he is with her and he will get Khushi for her. Prachi asks him to come along. Ranbir thinks of Prachi and Akshay. He is hurt that Dadi has challenged him about Khushi. He doesn’t share his tension. The family finds him worried and asks about the matter. Ranbir tells that he wants to talk to Prachi. They ask him to let Prachi approach him first. He regrets that he told many rude things to Prachi. Rhea answers a call. She tells them that she met a worker in the orphanage and told her everything about Khushi and Ranbir’s connection. She adds that Prachi has gone to the orphanage to adopt Khushi.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to see what Prachi is doing when he is accepting his mistake and talking good about her. She doesn’t want Prachi to get Khushi. Ranbir shows his faith in Prachi. Vikram tells that not everyone can think well like him. He asks Ranbir not to blindly believe Prachi. Dida asks him not to lose Khushi for the second time. Ranbir tells that he will not lose Khushi, he will go and see what Prachi is up to. Pallavi tells that she will stop Prachi from succeeding. She doesn’t want Prachi to snatch Khushi from them. Prachi asks Meera why can’t she get Khushi.

Ranbir arrives there and tells Meera that he has come to adopt Khushi. Meera tells that they aren’t with their partners, and a child needs both parents, they can become good parents, but they can’t adopt Khushi. Prachi tells that she can handle Khushi well. Ranbir tells that he is more capable than Prachi and can become a good father to Khushi. Akshay and Rhea meet outside the orphanage. She lies that she has come to make a donation. He finds it good work. She thinks to keep Khushi with her to keep Ranbir close. Prachi tells that a woman is emotionally and practically strong, she can tolerate anything and she can become a better parent. Ranbir asks can’t a man tolerate things.

Meera tells that she will let them adopt Khushi, but the one who gets married first can get her. Prachi and Ranbir get into a fix. Meera tells that their marriage matters for adoption, or else they will never get Khushi. Akshay rushes to meet Prachi. Rhea is glad that Akshay loves Prachi and wants to marry her because he will take her away from Ranbir.

Prachi and Akshay return home. Dadi asks her what did Meera say. Prachi tells that Meera refused again, and said she doesn’t qualify their rules. Dadi asks why didn’t she tell Meera that she is Khushi’s real mother, she had lost Khushi and wants her back. Akshay is shocked to know this truth. Prachi doesn’t want Ranbir and Kohlis to know this truth. Pallavi and Vikram tell that they will fight Prachi in the court, and get Khushi for Ranbir by revealing that Khushi is Panchi. Rhea tells that Ranbir doesn’t want Prachi to know this truth. Pallavi asks Rhea to marry Ranbir to fulfil the demands laid by Meera. Rhea tells that Ranbir has to decide about the marriage. Ranbir reaches there and is disheartened.

He hugs Pallavi and weeps. Pallavi asks him if anyone told him something wrong. He tells that Meera doesn’t want to give Khushi to him, she wants a stable family and rejected his plea. Rhea proposes Ranbir for marriage. Akshay also proposes Prachi for marriage. Dadi asks Prachi to say yes and marry Akshay, if she wants Khushi. She tells that Pallavi would be asking Ranbir to marry Rhea. Pallavi asks Ranbir to marry Rhea, else he will lose Khushi once again. Vikram asks Ranbir to accept this chance given by fate. Dadi asks Prachi to marry Akshay and get Khushi home. Both Prachi and Ranbir agree to get married to Akshay and Rhea, only for Khushi’s sake. Prachi reaches the orphanage.

Sahana calls her and asks if she met Khushi. Prachi tells that she got late, the orphanage gate got closed, and she couldn’t meet Khushi. She wanted to tell Khushi that she is her real mother. Sahana asks her to come back home. Prachi sees Ranbir coming out of the orphanage. He knows she has come to meet Khushi. They both regret that they will never get together, they had no faith in each other, they have lost their love, but they will have Khushi with them. They leave and get stuck at some place, when it starts raining heavily. They recall their lovely moment and their promise.


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