Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s entry

Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Update Rajveer's entry

Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s entry. Rakhi tells Mahesh and Bani that Krishna handles the entire universe, and her heart says it again and again that someone will come home to handle all of them. She gets surprised when Rajveer makes an entry in the house. She calls him Krishna. Rajveer identifies her and smiles. Preeta goes to Palki’s house to see if Rajveer is there and helping Palki’s family. Rajveer remembers Shrishti’s words. He wants to tell Karan that he is Preeta’s son and he has come to get justice for her. He wishes to get Preeta’s good luck back. Palki also reaches the Luthra house to stop Rajveer from getting enmity with Shaurya. She sees Shaurya and hides from her.

Shaurya gets to see her. He tells Sandy that he has seen Palki. He looks for her, but she disappears. She tries to find Rajveer. Shaurya tells that he is sure he has seen Palki. Sandy tells that she has no reason to come in the party. He understands Rajveer can come, but Palki’s coming isn’t possible. He asks if Shaurya is in love with her. Shaurya tells that Palki is not his type, he can never fall for her, he has many options and he wants someone special in his life, someone likes a beauty pageant winner. He wonders why is he seeing Palki everywhere. Kareena and Bani get to see Rajveer, and find him resembling Karan. They like Rajveer and also his values.


Shaurya meets Rajveer and asks what is he doing in his party. He asks Rajveer to follow him. Rajveer taunts on his over confidence. Shaurya pulls Rajveer’s leg. He takes Rajveer’s phone and asks him to follow if he wants the phone back. Karan and Rishabh find Rajveer working in the party. A man pushes Rajveer by mistake. Karan holds Rajveer and saves him. Rajveer knows Karan is his dad, and hates him. Karan has no idea that Rajveer is his son. Rajveer wants to spoil Shaurya’s launch party and embarrass him. He has come to take revenge. Palki meets Rajveer and asks him to not do anything. Preeta will also reach the launch party, and come face to face with Karan.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s entry:

Rakhi and Mahesh have a talk. She tells that she believes her loved one will come and handle the entire family. Rajveer comes there in front of Rakhi. Rakhi sees him and says Krishna. She tells that she feels someone dear has come to her. Rajveer gets emotional. He introduces himself as Rajveer. Rakhi blesses him. She tells Mahesh that Rajveer has saved her from the accident. Rajveer gets to meet Rakhi and Mahesh, and realizes that they are Karan’s parents and Bani is Karan’s Dadi. He gets emotional to meet his family. Shaurya reaches there and meets his friends. Rajveer sees Shaurya. Shaurya asks the elders what are they doing. He misbehaves with them. Mahesh asks him to behave himself.

Shaurya tells that he is going to talk to the manager. Mahesh tells that its their mistake to give Shaurya’s responsibility to Nidhi, who failed in giving a good upbringing. Rakhi asks him to know that it’s a big day for Shaurya. Rajveer finds Shaurya really arrogant. He thinks Shaurya has no manners and disrespects elders. He wants to teach manners to Shaurya and make sure that he regrets his mistakes. Palki doesn’t understand why Rajveer is getting much angry and adamant about Shaurya. She calls up Rajveer and asks him what is he doing. She commands him to come back home. He asks her what is she saying.

She tells that she is worried for him. She admits that she cares for him and asks him to come back home. Preeta comes to meet Palki and hears her talking to Rajveer. Rajveer tells that he didn’t know she gets angry too. She doesn’t want any more problems for them. Rajveer sees Karan and disconnects the call. Preeta takes the phone to talk. She calls him again, but he doesn’t answer. He feels sorry to not listen to Palki today. Preeta asks Palki where did Rajveer do and why. Palki remembers the promise to Rajveer. She lies to Preeta. Preeta tells that she heard her talking on call. Palki doesn’t tell anything. Karan and Rishabh get surprised to meet Rajveer. Rajveer steps over some wires and stumbles.

Karan holds him in time and saves him. Rishabh tells that he feels a father has saved a son, a parent’s instinct and concern for his child. Karan asks Rajveer who is his dad. Rajveer says you, and leaves him shocked. Rajveer asks why does he want to know. Karan tells that it’s a simple question. He asks Rajveer if he has any anger and enmity with him, that he always argues and shows bitterness. Rishabh asks Rajveer not to feel bad. Rajveer gets saved from Karan’s questions. Karan tells Rishabh that he feels Rajveer is his son, who went away with Preeta.

He tells that Rudra would have been just like Rajveer if he was alive. Rishabh hugs Karan and consoles him. Karan asks who has invited Rajveer. Rishabh denies it. Karan suspects that Rajveer has come to do something against Shaurya and him. Preeta asks Palki to meet her eyes and tell her the truth. Palki tells that Rajveer has gone to his friend’s house. Preeta asks her to come to the point. She feels anxiety when Palki lies. Preeta tells that she can go and stop Rajveer from doing anything wrong. She asks Palki to tell the truth. Palki asks her not to worry, Rajveer is okay. Preeta rebukes her for hiding the truth. Palki doesn’t want to disclose it. Preeta shares her tension.

She tells that Rajveer has gone to fix the wrong, he can put himself into trouble, so she is scared for her. She asks Palki to help her. Palki tells that Rajveer is okay. Preeta gets upset that Palki is lying to her. She tells that she will never talk to Palki and break their ties. She turns disappointed. Palki apologizes to her. Preeta tells that she has a right to know about Rajveer. Palki stops her from leaving, and tells that Rajveer has gone to Shaurya’s house. Karan takes Rajveer to the room and questions his motives. He doesn’t neglect Rajveer’s actions. Rajveer tells that its about their blood and relationship.


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