Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan

Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan

Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan. Rishabh tells Rajveer that his crime is not a joke. Rajveer tells that he has to find his Maasi. He is worried for Preeta. Rishabh tells that their guests have left because of Rajveer. Mahesh asks Rishabh not to let Rajveer run away by his excuse of finding his Maasi. Rishabh tells that Rajveer will not move until the police come to find the truth. He wants Rajveer to stay inside the room until he is called outside. The family members split and stay with Rajveer and Shaurya. Karan reaches the hall to find the family and take their help. He doesn’t find any help. He realizes that Preeta is struggling alone in the fire. He runs back to Preeta.

Karan manages to break a door and get through. He finally reaches Preeta and asks her if is she okay. Preeta coughs due to the smoke. She asks him why did he come in. He wonders why is she formally talking to him, like she doesn’t know him. Kareena tells Shaurya that someone had plotted this accident. Shaurya is shocked to know this and asks who is behind the conspiracy. She mentions Rajveer’s name.


Rajveer wants justice for himself. He tells them that he has told them the truth and wants them to applaud his honesty. He exposes Shaurya’s truth in front of the family and wants them to do justice to Palki. Shaurya gets angered and wants his revenge on Rajveer. Soon, Karan will bring Preeta in front of the family, and Rajveer’s identity as Rudraksh Luthra will come to the fore. How will Shaurya and Rajveer deal with the truth, that they are brothers? Will Rajveer get forgiven by the family? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan:

Karan calls Nidhi from the landline. Nidhi wonders who is calling her. She doesn’t answer the call, thinking some worker has called. She tells that she will not spare Rajveer. Rakhi wonders how can Rajveer do this. She also gets a call from the landline and doesn’t take it. Karan calls the fire brigade. He thinks about what happened to his family members. He informs the fire brigade about the emergency and asks them to come to Luthra’s house soon. He is ready to risk his life to save Preeta from the fire. Preeta is trapped in a fire.

Preeta faints down. Karan reaches back to her and shouts out to Preeta. He is shocked to see her lying unconscious on the ground. He shouts aloud and asks her to please answer him. He tells that he is Karan. Preeta hears his voice and gets conscious. She sees Karan jumping into the fire to save her life. They both come face to face. They see each other and are stunned. Mahesh and Rishabh take Rajveer to a room. Rajveer gives him his phone. Nidhi scolds him for his mistake. Sandy also lectures Rajveer. Rajveer asks him to stay out of their matter. Mahesh asks Rajveer to stay within his limits and keep his manners. Rishabh tells that Mahesh and he can slap him right away, but they aren’t doing this.

He asks Rajveer to stop showing an attitude toward them. Rajveer tells that they know Shaurya is wrong, so they aren’t raising their hand on him/Rajveer. Rishabh scolds Rajveer. They lock Rajveer and leave. Rajveer stays upset. Karan looks at Preeta. She sees the fire. She tells that everything is burning. She asks him to look back. She pulls him and saves him from the fire. He recalls their moments. He is amazed to find her alive. Preeta asks him why did he come. He thinks why is she addressing him formally? Mahesh tells Rishabh that Rajveer did too wrong and they shall not leave him. He tells that Rajveer has tried to harm Shaurya’s life, and this can’t be forgiven. Sandy tells that Rajveer has accepted his crime. Rakhi comes to them and asks about Rajveer.

Nidhi tells her that Rajveer has taken revenge on Shaurya, and tells that Shaurya broke Palki’s marriage. She adds that Palki is the reason for their fight. She reveals how Shaurya went to Palki’s house and broke her marriage by doing wrong. Rakhi tells that Shaurya has done wrong, it’s not right to defame a girl and break her marriage. She asks Nidhi to understand Shaurya’s big mistake. She calls Nidhi wrong because she has no idea about Shaurya’s actions. She tells that Nidhi is very nice to Shaurya, but this isn’t right, she should know about Shaurya’s whereabouts and activities.

She asks Nidhi what values did she give to Shaurya, he insults the elders as well and Nidhi doesn’t even know it. She tells the family about seeing Shaurya with a girl in his bedroom, when she stopped him, he argued with her rudely and shut the door on her face. She asks Nidhi did she teach this to Shaurya. She wishes she had stopped Shaurya from ruining Palki’s marriage. Nidhi tells that Rakhi always blames her. She calls her talented. She tells that Shaurya is unconscious and Rakhi is counting her mistakes. She asks if she thinks Rajveer has done right.

Rakhi tells that she didn’t defend Rajveer, but she said Shaurya has done wrong. She asks who gave a right to Shaurya to defame a girl and break her marriage. She doesn’t understand Nidhi and Shaurya. She tells that she has two sons, Rishabh and Karan, she used to keep an eye on them and didn’t let them do anything wrong. She asks Nidhi to be a good mother and bring Shaurya to the right path. Rishabh gets the inspector’s call. Nidhi gets angry with Sandy and asks him to leave. Shaurya gets conscious. The family members ask him if he is okay. Shaurya tells that he is feeling a burning sensation in his body.

He asks what happened to him. He doesn’t want his pictures to come in the newspaper. Kritika tells that she will take care of the media. Kareena tells him that Rajveer had plotted his accident. Shaurya is raged upon knowing this. Bani tells that they don’t know anything and can’t blame Rajveer without proof. Shaurya remembers Rajveer’s activity backstage.


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