Barsatein Upcoming Promo Reyansh falls for Aradhna

Barsatein Upcoming Promo Reyansh falls for Aradhna

Barsatein Upcoming Promo Reyansh falls for Aradhna. Reyansh misunderstands their mother, Kadambari and thinks she still loves her ex and sings in his memory. He finds Kadambari singing and shuts his ears. He tells her that she always sings for her ex and brings her past into their present. Kadambari finds him upset and asks him if he is getting affected by Aradhna. She tells that Aradhna has something special in her that Reyansh is getting drawn to her. She is very sure that both Reyansh and Aradhna will fall in love soon. He taunts Kadambari that Aradhna is also a cheat like her. Reyansh keeps an eye on Aradhna and tries to find out if she is dating Vikram. He feels jealous seeing Aradhna with Vikram. Harsh and Bhakti decide to tell Aradhna the truth about her real parents.

Reyansh asks Sunaina about Aradhna and Vikram’s affair. Sunaina has no idea. She tells that Vikram is dating someone. Vikram tells Aradhna that he just worries for Pooja and his love story, irrespective of their parents’ opinion. Aradhna and Vikram get caught by Reyansh, who assumes that they are in a relationship. Reyansh finally smiles seeing Aradhna. She tells that his true smile suits him a lot. Vikram asks Aradhna if Pooja loves him and wants to keep the relationship. Reyansh gets curious to know if Aradhna is dating Vikram.


Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum:
Rani maa Damayanti thanks Surili for saving her family with her smartness. She says that the family got free from danger, but Surili unknowingly made her fall in her sons’ eyes. Surili apologizes. She clarifies that she didn’t know about the big secret hidden behind her. Samar performs the puja for his dad and promises to shatter his family. Ranimaa gets Surili along to sit in the puja. Shiv and Surili unite back. They perform the puja at the temple. Samar tells that he knows all the weak points and sins of the family and he will use them against them. He thinks to employ Raghav and Swati in his plan against Surili. He pledges to destroy Surili. He burns Surili’s picture in anger. He declares that he will begin his revenge battle by targeting Surili first.


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