Barsatein 8th September 2023 Reyansh Aradhna expose Jindals

Barsatein 8th September 2023 Reyansh Aradhna expose Jindals

Barsatein 8th September 2023 Reyansh Aradhna expose Jindals. Reyansh and Aradhna exchange quarrels as he insists he is the one in charge. Aradhna threatens to expose the Jindals, vowing not to let Kimaya get caught up with them. As a joke, Reyansh tries to stop her from leaving but she responds that she is headed to hell – to which he quips it’s his favorite place and he can come along. His words of warning go unheard and so Aradhna pushes him away, causing him to land on the vase and wound his hand. Seeing him injured, she scolds him before tending to his wound and then calls for Tripathi to apply the ointment.

Later, Reyansh and Aradhna perform in Kimaya and Angad’s Sangeet. Arnab gets jealous seeing them. Sunaina and Vikram try to bring Reyansh and Aradhna together. Reyansh apologizes to Aradhna. He confesses his love to her. He asks her to give him a chance to set everything fine in her life. Malini and Viren like Aradhna, who cares for Kimaya. Malini says that Aradhna regards her as a mother, so she will make Aradhna her daughter from now. She gets emotional and hugs Aradhna. Malini and Aradhna’s blood ties are still hidden. Kimaya’s in-laws will get exposed. The truth of Jindals’ scam gets revealed in the function. Reyansh brings a big surprise for Aradhna.


Reyansh tells Aradhna that he hasn’t seen her smiling since he came to the city. Komal likes their chemistry. Reyansh asks Aradhna if will she smile if she likes the gift. He asks her to believe him, she will like the gift because it’s about the Jindals, which can help her expose them. Aradhna asks what is it. He asks if she doesn’t trust him. She asks him to say it. He asks her to smile first. He makes Aradhna smile. He takes her to the storeroom and unveils the proof against Jindals.


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