Mystery culprit in Anupama Pakhi’s track gets intense

Mystery culprit in Anupama Pakhi's track gets intense

The Mystery culprit in Anupama Pakhi’s track gets intense. Adhik tells Anupama that perhaps she is misjudging him; he admits to loving Pakhi, even though she might not believe it. He requests them to consider the possibility of someone else taking Pakhi and viewing the kidnapper as being free from blame. Adhik misses Pakhi, tears streaming down his face as he remembers Pakhi’s defense. He strikes his hand against the wall in self-guilt for having slapped her and apologizes for the mistake. At this moment, Anupama arrives and prevents him from further damaging himself. Taking responsibility for his deed, Adhik implores her to rush to find the real kidnapper before it is too late. Unforgiving of what he had done to her daughter, Anupama sternly declares that she won’t forget or forgive him either.

Adhik is prompted to keep an eye on someone, presumably a suspect, but Anupama stresses the importance of searching for Pakhi as well. She assures them that her friend will never lie about her whereabouts and concludes that means she must be in trouble. If they don’t act now, it may be too late. Thus, Anupama is adamant about finding out who is responsible for this apparent abduction. Barkha informs Anupama that Adhik’s wife has gone missing and he is very concerned. Anupama sternly declares that they will never excuse his treatment of her daughter, yet at the moment their prime aim is to locate Pakhi.


Anupama expresses her desire to celebrate Janmashtami despite the challenging times, believing that genuine devotion will guide them through. She also hopes that Pakhi returns before the time for the festivities. The entire family fervently prays alongside Leela who wishes for them to mark the occasion as one collective unit. Anupama tells Anuj that she won’t let any opportunity pass them by due to their grief, before wishing him a happy birthday. Ankush suggests that they should go to the local police station. Romil is taken aback, while Anuj informs them that the police are on their way.


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