Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th September 2023 Upcoming

Star Plus Titli Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si brings fresh tracks

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si is 16th September 2023 Upcoming. Kuldeep insults Vandana and gets scolded by Aaji for it, who further threatens to slap him. Rejecting her warning, he pushes her onto the floor instead, resulting in Vandana shouting for help. Everyone around rushes to help Aaji while Vandana catches Kuldeep’s collar and questions him sternly. Kuldeep gazes at everyone in shock. Kunal arrives and screams at Vandana, demanding to know what she did. Kuldeep is rendered speechless in shock while Kunal and the others restrain him. After asking them to fetch water for Kuldeep, Kunal demands an explanation from Vandana. She protests that they didn’t come here to be insulted, but Pammi claims Kuldeep only pushed her by accident. Kunal orders everyone to be silent before telling Vandana and her family they have to leave immediately. Vandana agrees, saying they don’t want to stay there anymore.

She exclaims to have heard a plethora of stories surrounding Kanak Records and its proprietors, but declares them to be false. She accuses them of failing to recognize or appreciate anyone else, stating that their only interest is music. Vandana goes on to call them shallow-minded, incapable of affecting anyone’s life in any meaningful way; only knowing how to belittle others. Kunal gruffly interjects, ordering her out, as the record label’s banner falls across the scene.


Kunal urges Bobby to inspect everyone’s phones, making sure no photos or videos are leaked. He then turns his attention to Kuldeep and is told that the girl had insulted him; Kunal is asked how he will clear this from their minds and why he approached her in the first place. Understandably, Kunal starts crying while Kuldeep scolds him, but Kunal promises to take revenge on her and make her life a living hell. In response, Kuldeep challenges his son to prove it as he is his son. After calming Kuldeep down, Bobby mentions a video has already been sent out; Kunal immediately tells all of them to stay calm nothing will happen before leaving to get medicine. Kuldeep tosses the meds away before storming out. Kunal weeps and furies, while Vandana wails back home. Bobby expresses that he has tried his utmost. Pammi tells Kunal that he is now responsible for everything. He then declares that he has vowed to make Vandana’s life a misery. Kunal makes his first strike by snatching Vandana’s house.


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