Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Vikrant falls for Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Vikrant falls for Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Vikrant falls for Kirti. Vikrant phones Bittu and requests him to kidnap someone. Bittu answers that people in Panchghati aren’t safe anymore. Vikrant replies that he’s already sent the money, and will later give the info on who is to be kidnapped. Kirti enters, offering halwa as a thank you for his support concerning Anju’s matter. He likes it but needs to leave for important business. Kirti stops him from leaving and asks him for help; she wants to know about an international brand of clothing store.

He questions why she is asking. She replies that it was to give a shirt to Shreyas as a gift. He responds that he has heard beautiful girls lie cleanly. She explains that the shirt belonged to her friend Anju’s boyfriend and she thought it would help her find him. He then queries why she believed he had killed Anju. She responds that he had disappeared and his absence meant he was trying to hide from them, leading her to the conclusion that he must have killed her. He smiled, pondering how this girl might impede his plans, before praising her commitment to seeking justice for her friend, despite having no job or needing to look after Puru. Dadi suddenly shouted that she’d be sending Sudhakar to jail and requested Vikrant arrest him – Sudhakar protests when Vikrant notices the shirt and diya placed there.


Vikrant drops the diya and causes a fire. Kirti immediately goes to find water. Vikrant then gives a shirt to Sudhakar, who uses it to put out the fire. Vikrant asks Kirti “What did you do? It was evidence.” Kirti says she didn’t know, and worries before leaving. Vikrant follows her to console her, telling her that his uncle probably didn’t think much of it. She agrees with him, saying that it isn’t his fault and they will find Anju’s murderer and get justice for her. He then encourages her, which she gratefully acknowledges before going off to Puru. Madhuri stops him and inquires if he could offer a job to Kirti.

Vikrant tells her he will speak of it at school and they’ll meet later. She thanks him, and then the bin topples over. He spots a jewelry box and requests Madhuri to leave, promising he’ll find someone to clean it up. She lauds him before departing. He realizes this is what he was pursuing the carpenter for. On his way back home, Vikrant shows the gold chain to the carpenter and scares him to the level that the former decides to leave the town. Bittu keeps a watch on the carpenter. He informs Vikrant that the carpenter is planning to flee. Vikrant rushes to Bittu to send off the carpenter forever. They kill him in the process. Madhuri notices Vikrant’s smile on seeing Kirti. They meet for a puja. Madhuri remarks that Kirti has stolen Vikrant’s heart. She is happy for Kirti, unaware of Vikrant’s truth.


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