Pandya Store 16th September 2023 Natasha roars

Pandya Store 16th September 2023 Natasha roars

Pandya Store 16th September 2023 Natasha roars. Hetal tells her brother she’s missed him and carries out the Rakhi rites with Natasha’s help. Dhawal appears in search of a coconut, after which Hetal ties the Rakhi, completing the ritual before hugging her brother; he warmly thanks Natasha. Mittu spots Dhawal coming in and Chabeli walks into the room as Natasha and Hetal converse, with music playing from a Bluetooth device. Shesh then presents his gifts before leaving. Finally, Dhawal points out that everyone is waiting for them outside, giving Natasha a criticizing stare. Dhawal arrives home and Amba invites him in and enquires as to why he appears troubled. He stays silent. She then instructs Hetal and Natasha to hurry for the puja while Dhawal goes off to check.

Eventually, they arrive and Natasha deceives the rest of them. The aarti of Lord Ganesha ensues after which his daughters-in-law bow to Amba in respect before paying their respects to their respective husbands. Natasha hugs Dhawal and praises him for not telling anyone about her secret Rakshabandhan. He pushes her away and scolds her for lying. She tries to explain that she has no other option. Amrish notices their behavior and asks what is going on, and why Hetal looks so happy. She responds that nothing is wrong, but Dhawal insists that she tell him what happened.


Dhawal then challenges her by saying he too would get angry if someone else talked about his brothers or grandmother in such a manner. To this, Natasha replies with appreciation for his behavior but also points out that he is differentiating between the families. Amrish grabs the earrings and inquires what they are. Hetal nervously responds that she is cleaning up and that the item is hers. He questions her, wanting to know what she has to say.

Natasha wonders aloud what will occur should Dhawal go tell Amrish everything. They are then interrupted by Dhawal, saying he needs to talk to him. Amrish leaves thereafter. Hetal gets caught for meeting her brother and celebrating Raksha Bandhan by going against the family. Amrish creates a ruckus on knowing Natasha’s rebellious and daring move. Natasha finds Bhaven and Pranali fighting. Bhaven pushes Pranali down the stairs and ends up hurting her. Their marriage has many issues and he urges Pranali to divorce him. Natasha witnesses this and is shocked. She threatens to send Bhaven to jail. Makhwana’s family faces a new problem.


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