Anupama 18th September 2023 Written Update Malti’s past

Anupama 18th September 2023 Written Update Malti's past

Anupama 18th September 2023 Written Update Malti’s past. Upon seeing the orphanage receipt, Anupama thinks it’s for what? She thinks of finding more details about the orphanage. She finds everything wiped off on the old receipt. Malti would not give her child to an orphanage, she thinks, and she wonders how I could think like this, and he or any mother would not give their child to an orphanage. If she had given him to the orphanage, she thinks he would be over 40 and might no longer be in the orphanage. She thinks first to search for her son. Kavya is pleased that Leela thanked her, and Kinjal is making sure she eats soup.

In response, Leela requests poison instead. Yet, Kinjal reminds her to take her BP medicine on time. Meanwhile, Vanraj hasn’t informed Anupama of the situation as she already has plenty of stress due to Malti. So, ultimately they agree that telling Anupama would be the best course of action so she doesn’t get mad. Anupama makes her way back home. Anuj wakes up. Queryingly, he asks her where she had been. She answers that she had made a trip to Gurukul, on account of his request. He smiles appreciatively, acknowledging her deep affection for him. She then proceeds to show him the file she had found and he starts coughing.


Immediately, Anupama takes care of him. Anuj claims that if they are to refrain from mischievous behavior, he will bring it for her next time. Anupama then informs him that Kinjal had called and their grandmother had fainted. Anuj says he hadn’t been told and Anupama replies that the news just came in. To which Anuj suggested that if she needed to see a doctor, they should take her. His wife declares him to be the best husband and states that Leela’s son will take care of it, as she used to accept when the matter was regarding Vanraj. She remarks how amazing their mother is.


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