Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming 22nd September 2023

Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming 22nd September 2023

Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming 22nd September 2023. Neha creates a vlog utilizing Vikrant’s necklace, while Kirti misses out on witnessing it. Neha remembers discovering the necklace outside their residence. The following day, Bittu comes up with a plan to deceive Vikrant by giving him a counterfeit version of his necklace, in hopes of ending the search for it. At the same time, at the police station, the villagers demand an update from the Inspector regarding the investigation. This irritates Vikrant and he offers some advice to both parties. Kirti hands over Anjali’s school belongings to a member of the school staff and inquires if he has ever crossed paths with her boyfriend.

The staff denies any acquaintance with him and assures Kirti that he will inform her if he learns anything about Anjali. Meanwhile, Vikrant receives a call from Bittu, informing him that he has found his necklace. Overjoyed, Vikrant hurries out of the police station to meet Bittu. However, upon receiving a fake necklace from Bittu, Vikrant becomes furious and slaps him for deceiving him. In tears, Bittu watches as Vikrant storms off. Vikrant appears frustrated when Kirti arrives to collect books from the library.


Both exchange a sign, which catches Ritu’s attention and annoys her. Kirti suggests using his magic lens to find a solution and reminds him to smile before leaving. As Vikrant smiles, Ritu returns his book but is unsuccessful in starting a conversation with him. She informs him about their classmate using his phone, causing Vikrant to scold the student and then being surprised by Neha wearing his necklace. He wonders if this is related to Kirti in any way. Vikrant sneaks into Kirti’s house to retrieve his necklace from Neha while the household is in slumber. As Kirti stirs and advances towards Neha’s room, Vikrant frantically tries to evade detection. In his haste, he forgets to grab the necklace before making a speedy exit.


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