Kathaa Ankahee 28th September 2023 Hurtful truth out

Kathaa Ankahee 28th September 2023 Hurtful truth out

Kathaa Ankahee 28th September 2023 Written Update Hurtful truth out. Katha’s face is filled with worry as she gazed at Viaan, who lay unconscious. The scene is too much for her to bear, and she blacks out, collapsing to the floor with a thud. In the hallway, Teji anxiously asks Maya what she would do if something happened to Viaan. Maya’s reply is unexpected – she never thought Yuvraj would take such drastic measures. She apologizes to Teji for her mistake, but he angrily commands her to stay quiet. Feeling overwhelmed, Maya walks away to give Teji some space. As Kailash storms into Yuvraj’s room, he demands an explanation for the attack on Viaan.

He is furious that Katha has been rushed back to the hospital and begs for Viaan’s life. With lowered eyes, Yuvraj refuses to speak, causing Kailash to slap him and unleash his anger. Yuvraj can’t tell about the video, and Katha’s helpless move to save Aarav. He feels Viaan is a monster who wronged Katha’s life. As Kailash leaves the room, Reet appears to console Yuvraj. Can Katha stay strong for Aarav or will this tragedy crush her? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Upon witnessing Yuvraj’s wrath as he forcefully interrupts the wedding, Maya and Teji are joyous. However, this display leaves Katha and Viaan bewildered. The situation only escalates as Yuvraj physically attacks Viaan, causing shock among the onlookers. Despite Viaan’s attempts to calm him down, Yuvraj persists in his aggression and questions why he was targeted. It is then revealed that Yuvraj has uncovered a dark secret involving Katha and Viaan, leaving the latter stunned. In a fit of fury, Yuvraj continues to harm Viaan until he falls unconscious. This alarms Katha and her family members who gather around in concern. Teji takes matters into her own hands by threatening the Garewals before swiftly leaving for the hospital with Viaan. Meanwhile, Kavita is seen crying over Yuvraj’s violent actions while Kailash looks infuriated.

Kathaa Ankahee 28th September 2023 Hurtful truth out:

Kailash inquires Yuvraj about his attack on Viaan, who refuses to respond. In frustration, Kailash slaps him. Kavita also confronts Yuvraj, but he declares that Viaan is dead to him and walks away. As Kavita and Kailash console each other in tears, the guests depart. Ehsan and Katha rush an unconscious Viaan to the hospital while Ehsan vows to protect him. Medical staff swarm around Viaan as he is taken into surgery. Just before he is wheeled into the operating room, Katha briefs the doctors about his condition.

The nurse emerges from the operating room and announces that Viaan needs B- blood. Vanya, who shares the same blood type, accompanies the nurse to give blood. Teji sobs and exits the area, followed by Maya. Looking at Viaan through the window of the operating theater, Katha hopes for his speedy recovery. Teji cries more as she reflects on her decision to go along with Maya’s scheme to break up Katha and Viaan. She blames herself for Viaan’s current condition, unaware of the consequences of their actions. Maya sheds tears alongside Teji and admits that she would never have gone through with the plan if she knew Yuvraj would react this way. Feeling upset, Teji leaves while Maya is left feeling hurt.

Kailash and Kavita are puzzled by Yuvraj’s sudden animosity towards Viaan. Despite appearing content before the ceremony began, something has clearly changed. Kailash believes there must be a significant reason for Yuvraj’s outburst and decides to confront Reet about it. However, Reet claims to have no knowledge of the situation. Meanwhile, Katha anxiously waits outside the operating room at the hospital. She receives a call from Kailash, who inquires about Viaan’s condition. Overwhelmed with emotion, Katha expresses her frustration at always having to fight for her loved ones’ well-being. She then asks if Yuvraj revealed the cause of his aggression towards Viaan. When Kailash says no, Katha instructs him to let Yuvraj know that she will bring Viaan home and demand answers from him directly. With tears in his eyes, Kailash enters the hospital.

Ehsan arrives to meet Katha and ponders Yuvraj’s sudden aggression towards Viaan. Shortly after, Viaan unexpectedly chooses not to defend himself. Remembering Yuvraj and Viaan’s previous altercation, Ehsan grasps the motive behind Yuvraj’s outburst and departs. Later, Ehsan encounters Maya and interrogates her about turning Yuvraj against Viaan, resulting in a dangerous predicament for Viaan.

Despite Maya’s attempts at feigning ignorance, Ehsan’s persistence leads her to confess her actions. After warning Maya, Ehsan takes his leave. Kailash makes another attempt to understand Yuvraj’s animosity towards Viaan, but Yuvraj remains tight-lipped. In his frustration, Kailash resorts to violence against Yuvraj. Just then, Aarav shows up and reprimands Yuvraj for his aggressive behavior. Meanwhile, Viaan demands answers from his grandparents about his parents’ whereabouts and welfare. Amidst the chaos, Kavita embraces Aarav.

Katha comforts Teji, ensuring her that Viaan will undoubtedly recuperate. Meanwhile, the medical team expresses concern over his deteriorating condition. Upon receiving the news, Katha and other family members rush to see Viaan.. Inside the operation theater, Katha is taken aback by Viaan’s struggle for survival. She faints, causing the doctors to attend to her urgently. At the same time, Aarav pleads with his grandparents to take him to see Katha and Viaan. Katha is overjoyed when the doctor shares the news of Viaan’s improved health with her and Teji. Meanwhile, Maya sends Yuvraj to jail which prompts Katha to confront him. However, she is taken aback when she finds out that Maya had instigated Yuvraj against Viaan.


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