Anupama Upcoming Twists Vanraj Anupama justice battle

Anupama Upcoming Twists Vanraj Anupama justice battle

Anupama Upcoming Twists Vanraj Anupama justice battle. Vanraj assures Suresh that Samar’s value cannot be measured by mere pieces of plastic, as his life is precious to the Shah family. Anupama expresses her desire to see justice served for Sonu’s wrongdoings and challenges Suresh to try and buy them with money since they are both present. Suresh’s rage escalates as he reminds them of their loss and warns them against putting their family in danger. According to Hasmukh, the family will always be a source of strength for Vanraj and Anupama instead of being a weakness. The rest of the Shahs then gather behind the couple.

Suresh had originally planned to sweetly convince them, but he must now find another way to fulfill his demand. Vanraj approaches Suresh, reminding him that they do not harm their guests. He warns that if they do, Suresh will suffer the consequences, despite having two bodyguards protecting him. Soon, Suresh, Sonu, and their men drive away from the neighborhood while the Shah family watches from their gate. Later on, Pakhi receives a parcel at the Kapadia mansion. Emotional, she sees a framed photo of herself with Samar and Toshu. She breaks down in tears as she shares her wish to frame a picture of them together before realizing it would be their last.


Romil comforts Pakhi with a hug and promises to be there for her as a brother who brings her happiness. Adhik kisses Pakhi’s forehead and advises her to rest when Anuj arrives and declares that justice will be served for Samar’s death. However, Pakhi refuses to look at Anuj and blames him as the reason for Samar’s demise, much to everyone’s shock. Following Pakhi’s departure, Adhik expresses remorse to Anuj. However, Anuj assumes responsibility for the situation. The police officer updates Vanraj and Anupama on their investigation, explaining that no CCTV footage or gun was found, leading to Sonu’s release. Vanraj mentions witness statements, but the officer explains that they need concrete evidence to press charges.

Vanraj gratefully thanks the officer for his efforts, and he reassures them that they will continue to work diligently. Meanwhile, Kavya becomes concerned when she notices the reckless driving of her auto driver and tries to contact Anupama or Vanraj, but they are unavailable. In a nervous state, Kavya asks the driver to slow down before he urges her to convince her husband to drop Sonu’s case. Kavya is suddenly tossed out of the auto and lets out screams of agony, clutching her stomach. Meanwhile, Anupama returns, and Anuj inquires about everyone’s well-being, to which she simply nods. The topic shifts to the legal battle between Sonu and his father, but Anupama declares that it is now a mother’s fight for justice for Samar. She sheds tears as she gazes at Samar’s photo, while Anuj nervously brings food and stands at the doorway.


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