Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Update Rishi Lakshmi to die

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th November 2023 Written Update Strange twist

Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Update Rishi Lakshmi to die. Kiran scolds Neelam for giving her daughter false hope. She defends herself, acknowledging that she never wanted this for her child. Kiran argues that mothers can’t always win against their children, but Neelam is at fault for her daughter’s situation. She warns Neelam to pray that Malishka doesn’t attempt suicide again because she won’t be able to stop it. Kiran reminds Neelam that she would not have lost to Lakshmi if she had embraced her Oberoi identity. Storming out, she takes Malishka with her and reprimands Sonal for bringing humiliation to the family by staying at the Oberoi house. Virender watches them with folded hands, apologizing for their behavior.

Kiran leads Malishka away while Sonal declares that everything is over now. Shalu and Bani notice Lakshmi and Rishi appearing subdued and not quite content. As they hatch a plan, each sister begins showering either Rishi or Lakshmi with compliments. Rishi reassures that he holds no envy towards Lakshmi, seeing her as the most beautiful and kind person in his eyes, far surpassing himself. Lakshmi returns his smile, playfully calling him handsome and eliciting a giggle from him. In response to his question about looking cute, she nods in agreement. Shalu suggests taking photos, prompting Rishi to wrap his arm around Lakshmi as the sisters capture the moment.


Meanwhile, at the Oberoi residence, Virender starts preparing for the wedding while Neelam reminds him of her previous promise regarding attending their son’s wedding. Virender decides to attend his daughter’s wedding to perform her Kanyadaan, causing Neelam to become even more upset. He prepares for the event and reminds Neelam that she should at least come and support their daughter before leaving. However, Neelam continues to express her dislike for Lakshmi, referring to her as an enemy rather than a daughter. Agoon informs his friend about a Madam who is offering a large sum of money to have Lakshmi killed. At Rishi’s house, Rano arrives and interrupts the photoshoot.

She presents the couple with a holy thread, explaining that they should keep it on until after their wedding. Shalu and Bani share a joke in hushed tones about Rano’s intentions, suggesting that she wants Rishi to take care of them financially as well because he is wealthy. Ayush, Harleen, and Virender are making their way to Rishi’s house, discussing the idea of enjoying the moment since it is likely that Lakshmi will bring Rishi and Neelam back together in the future. Eventually reaching the Chawl where the wedding procession is taking place, Rishi inquires if Neelam has arrived. Virender shakes his head and Aayush decides to lighten the mood by getting everyone to dance and teasing Shalu.

Moreover, Malishka is feeling anxious in her room, trying to cover her ears from the sound of wedding drums. Sonal enters and comforts her, reminding her that no wedding bands or drums are playing outside. Panic-stricken, Malishka frantically scans her surroundings while Sonal encourages her to trust in God and believe that Rishi and Lakshmi will not get married today. As this is happening, a group of goons approaches the temple where Rishi and Lakshmi’s wedding is taking place. As Karishma inquires about Neelam’s distress, the latter weeps over Rishi’s departure due to Lakshmi.

Neelam declares that it is not in her destiny to lose to Lakshmi. Ayush, Virender, Lakshmi, Rishi, and Harleen are en route to the temple when they encounter a procession for the Goddess and pause their journey to join in. The goons are forced to abandon their plan as they cannot carry out their attack amidst the bustling crowd. The family arrives at the temple and offers prayers for a successful wedding, while the goons discreetly position themselves for their next move.


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