GHKKPM 14th October 2023 Written Update Furious Ishaan

GHKKPM 14th October 2023 Written Update Furious Ishaan

GHKKPM 14th October 2023 Written Update Furious Ishaan. Ishaan apologizes to Yashwant for his rude behavior and informs him that he plans to resign. Surekha watches the conversation. Yashwant suggests that Ishaan should take some time before making a final decision, prompting Ishaan to remind him that he already tried to explain himself but received no understanding from Yashwant. He then asks Yashwant if he can recall the last time someone achieved success in UPSC or received an economics trophy, causing Yashwant to look down. Ishaan states that Savi’s achievements could bring prestige and convinces Yashwant to allow her to stay in the hostel.

Meanwhile, Savi shares with Harini over the phone how Ishaan helped her secure a room in the hostel, bringing joy to both of them. Eventually, Savi asks Harini if Kiran has apologized yet, to which Harini responds negatively. Savi advises Harini to stand up for herself and promises her support in doing so. Harini inquires about Savi’s upcoming move to the hostel, prompting Savi to mention that she will be shifting after seeing off Isha the next day. She kindly offers her assistance if Savi needs any help, and Savi suggests that Harini place her phone on her stomach.


Harini complies, and Savi expresses her love for Harini’s unborn baby, causing Harini to blush before ending the call. The following morning, Savi and Shantanu assist Isha in packing her things. While doing so, Savi can’t help but feel sympathetic towards Isha’s troubled relationship with Ishaan. However, Isha reveals that she feels helpless regarding their relationship, leading Savi to reassure her that things will eventually work out between them. Shantanu and Isha head out while Savi prays to Bappa for a sign regarding Ishaan’s situation. Suddenly, a flickering light bulb catches her eye and she expresses her gratitude to Bappa.

Ishaan receives a call from Savi and promptly answers it. Savi then asks Ishaan to sign some papers so that the warden doesn’t cause any issues later on. In response, Ishaan suggests that Savi come to the college instead, prompting her to express her concerns about traveling alone at night. She also mentions that Shantanu is throwing a farewell party and invites Ishaan to join as well. Ishaan is taken aback by the surprise, but eventually agrees to join the party, much to Savi’s delight. When he arrives at Isha’s place, he finds Savi playfully struggling with tangled fairy lights. As they work together to unravel them, they grow closer until the lights are finally switched on.

Savi expresses her gratitude for Ishaan’s presence while he wonders why she is being emotional when he only came to sign some documents. Shantanu greets Ishaan who has just arrived. Savi expresses her gratitude to Shantanu for his help, while Ishaan receives a pleasant reception upon his entrance. Spotting Ishaan, Savi eagerly moves towards him for a hug, but he clarifies that he is only there to sign some documents before walking away. Shantanu advises Isha not to feel down, as Ishaan truly loves her on a deeper level. Meanwhile, outside, Ishaan confronts Savi for inviting him to Isha’s farewell party in the guise of signing her papers. This leads to Savi denying any such intentions.

In response, Ishaan warns Savi not to invade his personal space or risk losing her admission and hostel room. He then leaves while Savi goes inside and apologizes to Isha for Ishaan’s outburst. However, instead of feeling upset with Ishaan, she thanks Savi for bringing him to the party. Later on, Isha reassures Shantanu that there was no misconduct from Ishaan’s end, and seeing Savi gives her hope. Afterward, Shantanu insists that they cut the cake and eventually, after some time passes by, Isha distributes slices of cake to everyone present at the party.


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