Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update Surprise entry

Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update Surprise entry

Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update Surprise entry. Anupama has discovered the truth and believes that Samar will ultimately receive justice. However, Malti is concerned that Anuj is the sole witness in Samar’s case and fears for his safety. She worries that Anupama will not be able to protect him. To make matters worse, Vanraj stops Anuj from speaking with Malti and reminds them that they are the only strong witnesses in Samar’s case. Anuj also realizes that he is now the only remaining witness. Leela questions Kavya about being awake all night, but Kavya expresses her concern about Vanraj leaving the house instead. Meanwhile, Malti tries to talk to Anuj, but he disregards her attempts.

Realizing that Anuj is crucial to Samar’s case, Malti decides to keep him safe at all costs. In a rush to get help from the embassy, Kinjal and Paritosh ask Leela to look after Pari. However, Leela suggests taking Pari along instead. Wanting to help out, Kavya offers to look after Pari and notices Kinjal filling out a form from the UK Embassy, which raises some doubts for her. Vanraj is filled with anger upon realizing that his witness will not be taken into consideration for Samar’s case. Anuj and Anupama share their concerns about the situation. Anuj promises to do everything in his power to help Samar. When Devika returns, she decides to stand by Anupama’s side in the case. In a courageous act, Vanraj protects Leela and Hasmukh from a potential shooting. Keep reading for a full written update on Anupama 20th October 2023.


Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update Surprise entry:

As the Kapadia family watches the news, Suresh informs the reporters of his son’s wrongful accusation. Anuj assures Anupama that he will speak to the police regarding CCTV footage that could clear Suresh’s name. As this realization dawns on Anupama, she understands Suresh’s true motives for instigating the fight between Vanraj and himself. Malti Devi reminds herself that she cannot allow Anuj to put his life at risk for Samar’s sake, especially since it has caused a rift between him and Anupama. Turning off the TV, Anupama vows to seek justice for her son’s death, while Ankush remarks on the lack of support from their own family. Meanwhile, Leela interrupts Dimple’s preparations for dance class, insisting that she stay inside due to the current situation.

Dimple expresses her inability to rest due to the upcoming competition and the need to train her students, to make Samar proud. The ladies next door observe that they have never witnessed a widow dancing after her husband’s demise, while Leela urges them to tend to their own families at home. Leela believes that society will criticize Dimple, thus discouraging her from going out. However, Dimple disagrees with Leela. Anupama intervenes and encourages Leela to allow Dimple to attend the classes; stating that one cannot confine themselves indoors just because of being a widow. Anupama highlights the male-dominated rules and encourages women to break free and live life on their terms. Dimple smiles in approval as Anupama speaks, while Leela expresses her disapproval based on her past experiences with society’s judgment towards widows and their actions.

Anupama shares that Dimple will continue living her life, enjoying makeup, fashion, and all the things that make her happy. Leela then remarks how Anupama now has the responsibility of looking after Dimple. After Dimple leaves, Anupama enters to talk to Vanraj while the others respectfully give them space. She reminds him not to lose strength and that he is the only one who can prove Suresh’s accusations wrong. Reflecting on Samar’s love for his father, Anupama urges Vanraj to say his favorite dialogue. He stands up and proudly declares “Vanraj is back!” Meanwhile, Malti Devi asks Adhik for some important project files but he declines, citing confidentiality. Malti Devi then expresses her intention to speak directly with Anuj about it. Barkha comments that Malti Devi seems to be taking over the business, which Adhik agrees with, and adds that she is using the situation to secure her place in the house.

Malti Devi takes charge of the household in lieu of Anupama, believing that she lacks concern for the Kapadia family. Later, upon Anuj’s return from the police station and office, Malti Devi asks to review the project files and offer her business expertise. Anuj responds with a disinterested expression, stating that Malti Devi evidently knows how to make profitable transactions based on her experience with her son. He also informs her that they do not have a close enough relationship for him to seek her guidance or assistance in his work.


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