Bhagya Lakshmi 25th October 2023 Written Update Evil plot

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th October 2023 Written Update Evil plot

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th October 2023 Written Update Evil plot. Kiran advises Malishka to let go of Rishi for the sake of her well-being. The police arrive at the hospital and ask the Oberoi family if Rishi has any enemies, but they all deny it. Sonal asks Malishka what is on her mind, and she reveals that she is contemplating Kiran’s words about moving on. Sonal is initially pleased with Malishka’s decision to move on, but her shock grows when Malishka announces that she plans to kill Rishi to do so. At the same time, Rishi regains consciousness in the hospital and remembers falling off the cliff with Lakshmi. His movements attract the attention of everyone, including Neelam who becomes worried.

However, the head nurse and doctor instruct them to leave as they have everything under control. Meanwhile, Sonal reluctantly agrees to help Malishka carry out her plan to kill Rishi in her time of need. Determined to avoid getting caught, Malishka and Sonal devise a plan to reach their ultimate goal. Their first step is fooling Kiran, so Sonal quietly locks the door as they exit Malishka’s room. As they leave, Sonal asks about Malishka’s next move, which involves disguising herself as a nurse and sneaking into City Hospital.


Once there, she plans to enter Rishi’s ward and eliminate him without leaving any evidence behind. Although Sonal agrees to this plan, she still has doubts about its morality. Meanwhile, Ayush informs the Oberoi family that he cannot sit idly while his loved ones are in danger. He resolves to track down the heartless individual responsible for attacking Rishi and Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th October 2023 Written Update Evil plot:

Malishka and Sonal secure the room so that Kiran remains unaware of their absence. Meanwhile, Kiran contemplates visiting the hospital and reconciling with Neelam in order to seek forgiveness if their secret gets exposed. The nurse, on the other hand, politely requests Ayush, Shalu, and Bani to leave the room as per hospital rules. In response, Ayush and Shalu make a decision to uncover the person responsible for Rishi’s accident. As Kiran approaches Neelam to express her sympathy towards Rishi, Ayush interrupts them with news of their plan to find the culprit.

Just then, the doctor arrives and informs them that Rishi has slipped into a coma but assures them of his recovery soon. This news distresses everyone present, but Karishma forbids Ayush from leaving. However, Neelam urges Ayush to investigate and bring her the culprit so she can deliver justice with her own hands. This thought worries Kiran about Neelam’s deep-seated anger towards the unknown perpetrator and she resolves to do something to protect herself from getting caught in the crossfire.

As Malishka peers through the glass, she is taken aback by Kiran’s presence. Meanwhile, Ayush and Shalu cross paths with Malishka, who is disguised as a doctor, but are unable to recognize her. With multiple people in the waiting room, Malishka contemplates eliminating Rishi and Lakshmi to ensure her crime remains unknown. At the same time, Sonal has arrived in search of the truck driver, who witnessed Malishka’s deed. However, the police are already on their way to find him, and he hides in the shadows to evade detection. In the midst of all this, Ayush and Shalu decide to enter his house and investigate for any possible leads.

Silently, Malishka enters Rishi’s room and dismisses the nurse, intent on ending his life in solitude. Meanwhile, Neelam realizes she cannot leave Rishi in a coma and must take action. Simultaneously, Malishka reminds Rishi that he will face repercussions for betraying her. She proceeds to remove his mask and explains that she cannot risk going to jail now that he has seen her face. Therefore, he must die. In the meantime, Neelam approaches Rishi’s room with determination to wake him up as she knows he has stopped breathing after struggling for some time.

Upon Neelam’s entrance, Malishka becomes anxious about being discovered, while Sonal is unable to apprehend the driver and decides to inform Malishka. Meanwhile, Ayush and Shalu sneak into the driver’s home through a rear window. At the hospital, Neelam fails to recognize Malishka and inquires if she has come to help Rishi recover from his coma. She then reveals herself as Rishi’s mother and expresses her determination to bring him out of his coma. Lamenting her desire to see him awake once again, Neelam urges Rishi to wake up as he is her reason for living.

The nurse returns and asks Neelam to leave the ward, as Rishi is being inconvenienced. Meanwhile, Malishka stands quietly on the side. Lakshmi’s doctor checks her vital signs and expresses concern about her continuous state of unconsciousness. Afterward, Sonal calls Malishka to give an update on the driver situation. In response, Malishka informs her that Rishi has slipped into a coma and there’s a possibility he will suffer from amnesia upon waking up. This could work in her favor. When asked how she plans to take advantage of this, Malishka reveals that she intends to use his memory loss to make him fall for her once again. However, she adds that first she must eliminate Lakshmi so she can never come between them again.


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