Bhagya Lakshmi 1st November 2023 Written Update Malishka kills Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st November 2023 Written Update Malishka kills Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st November 2023 Written Update Malishka kills Lakshmi. Sonal returns home and lets out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she notices a bag filled with money that she needs to give to the truck driver. She quickly stands up, stating that she will now make the full payment, and requests him not to return. In the meantime, Kiran phones Neelam to inquire about Rishi’s well-being. Neelam responds that they are all back at home. However, after ending the call, Kiran becomes suspicious and wonders if there is more to the story than what Neelam has revealed. Just then, Sonal joins her and inquires about the situation. Kiran shares that Lakshmi has regained consciousness. Sonal thinks to herself that she cannot disclose Lakshmi’s kidnapping as it will raise doubts about Malishka’s involvement.

Kiran inquires with Sonal about her plans, to which she responds by saying that she’s going to settle things with the truck driver once and for all. Meanwhile, Shalu and Bani urge their auto driver to drive faster as they must catch the culprit at any cost, while Shalu wonders about Ayush’s whereabouts. At the hospital, Rishi searches for Lakshmi in the dark storeroom until he trips over something and realizes that Lakshmi is lying unconscious. In a state of panic, he tries to wake her up in the darkness but ends up carrying her in his strong arms. However, his eyes widen in shock when he realizes that it is Malishka in his arms instead of Lakshmi, with Malishka still pretending to be unconscious.


Assisting her onto the couch, he instructs her to wake up when she gradually regains consciousness and frantically relays her efforts. With a sense of suspicion, she shares that she sensed another presence in the storeroom while searching for Lakshmi. Despite Malishka’s insistence that Lakshmi is not with them, Rishi remains adamant about feeling her presence. However, Malishka drags him to the center of the hall and questions if he can see any sign of Lakshmi. In response, Rishi doubts if she truly wants to find Lakshmi. Just then, Virendra catches sight of Rishi with Malishka as he hurries towards them.

Virendra inquires about joining Ayush in the search for Lakshmi. Rishi confirms that he almost left, sensing her presence nearby, but is unable to locate her. Suddenly, the inspector arrives and Rishi reluctantly answers his questions, causing Malishka to realize he is unaware of her misdeeds. She hurries back to the storeroom, remembering how she had deceived Rishi before and escaped. With Lakshmi still missing, Malishka decides to kill her elsewhere to avoid raising suspicion from Rishi, who had previously denied knowing about her presence in the storeroom.

Dragging Lakshmi to an empty ward, Malishka contemplates the method she should use this time to end her life. Her eyes land on a scissor and she decides to stab it into her stomach. With quick and efficient actions, Malishka accomplishes her task. She exits the room with blood stains on her hands and face, looking devoid of any emotion. Meanwhile, Kiran drives back home with thoughts of her conversation with Neelam and Karishma about Rishi and Lakshmi playing in her mind. The two women had strongly opposed Lakshmi’s presence and were plotting to bring Rishi back home. Kiran can’t help but wonder if Malishka has taken Lakshmi captive. At the same time, the inspector is questioning Rishi while a lady accidentally enters the ward, only to find blood on the floor and faints in shock.


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