Pandya Store 6th November 2023 Written Update Natasha confronts Amrish

Pandya Store 6th November 2023 Written Update Natasha confronts Amrish

Pandya Store 6th November 2023 Written Update Natasha confronts Amrish. Natasha chases after the NGO girl, making a desperate attempt to grab her dupatta. However, in her haste, the girl leaves it behind and continues to run for her life. Suddenly, a truck appears and is headed straight for the NGO girl. Fortunately, Natasha is able to reach her just in time and pushes her out of harm’s way. Despite this, the NGO girl sustains some injuries. But upon realizing that Natasha saved her, she remains calm as concerned passers-by inquire about her well-being.

Upon entering the Makwana House, Natasha is immediately bombarded with questions from Amrish, who wants to know where she has been. The mention of his name triggers a surge of anger within her, as she recalls how he and Amba had conspired against her. Despite this, she manages to maintain her composure as she waits for the NGO girl to arrive. When pressed by Amrish, she lies and claims that she was out looking for a job. Dolly and Hetal believe her story, thinking that Natasha is gathering evidence to prove her innocence.


Natasha informs Amrish of the burden she faces while managing Pandya Store and the additional responsibility of completing a job for Suman. She makes it clear that Amrish’s assistance in financial matters is not necessary. Amrish is adamant that no daughter-in-law in the Makwana household is expected to work outside. He specifically mentions Hetal, Dolly, and Pranali as examples, and also makes it clear that Natasha will not be allowed to work outside either. Will Natasha be able to expose Amresh’s true character to the rest of the family? What consequences will she face for defying him as an NGO worker? The girl confesses about fabricating a lie to secure funding from Amresh, sparing Natasha the need to inquire further. With shock written on her face, Natasha listens intently as the girl reveals Amresh and Amba’s schemes before finally asking for her support.

The NGO woman who had trapped Natasha manages to escape in an autorickshaw before Natasha can catch her. Meanwhile, Dhawal is also on the road with his bike as Natasha ponders how to reach the woman. As he notices Natasha, he loses balance and falls onto the road. Seeing this, she rushes to help him but Dhawal declines her assistance. He reminds her of her wrongdoing, but she continues to deny any involvement. However, he points out that all evidence points to her guilt. In response, Natasha assures him that she will bring proof of her innocence and give it to him, not expecting him to trust her.

At Pandya House, Chiku informs Suman of a recent accident involving a girl. In a display of humanity, he took the initiative to admit her to the hospital. He also discovered that she is an orphan, just like him. Suman expresses surprise at this revelation and questions how Chiku can be an orphan when he has a family. In response, Chiku offers to share his Khichdi with the girl so she can have something to eat.

Chiku apologizes, clarifying that he had not meant himself but the girl as an orphan when Suman packs Khichdi in his tiffin. Suman then asks Shesh and Mithu to head to the hospital to find out who the girl really is. Meanwhile, Natasha is walking on the road when she gets eve teased by a group of guys. Dhawal comes to her side and suggests they go home since it’s been a long day.

Natasha informs Dhawal that she will only leave once she has proof of her innocence. However, during this time, the eve teasing escalates and Dhawal ends up defending himself and getting injured in the process. Natasha watches as Dhawal takes her hand and escorts her to his motorcycle, warning her not to test his patience. He insists that Natasha sits behind him, which she eventually does before they arrive home. At the hospital, Isha requests to stay admitted for a few days due to not feeling well. While there, she sees Chiku and realizes he is not heartless.

Upon seeing Dhawal injured, Amba breaks down in tears and immediately points the blame at Natasha. Despite Isha’s lack of appetite, Chiku encourages her to eat khichdi and stop making faces. Later on, when Natasha tries to apply ointment on Dhawal’s wounds, he dismisses her efforts as ineffective. Natasha insists that wounds take time to heal, but Dhawal walks away without acknowledging her words. As Mithu and Shesh watch from outside, Chiku introduces himself as Yashodhan Pandya while feeding Isha. When Isha declines to use her family name due to their abandonment of her, Chiku understands and proceeds to simply call her Isha. This leaves Amba under the impression that everyone has turned against Natasha.

Natasha applies ointment to Dhawal’s wounds. Meanwhile, Chiku helps Isha leave the hospital and gives her the necessary medication. Isha worries about being in trouble once Chiku leaves and pretends to be feeling dizzy. She asks Chiku to drop her off at the railway station or bus stand so she can spend some time there. However, Chiku suggests that she come stay with them at the Pandya House instead. Natasha offers Dhawal a cup of coffee, but he accuses her of being fake and challenges her to prove herself first. This only intensifies Natasha’s determination to do so.


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